i really shocked by this are you???

hi,my sister lo whos 4 next week has been seeing a speech thrapist anyway.. today they gave him a book to take home and he has to try and read it and do the excerzizes in it hes a littl thats in it.... mr tongue runs from side to side-- then you have to move your tongue etc.... mr tongue opens im month wide and goes arrrrrrr, mr tongue smokes a pipe and goes puff, mr tongue shoots a gun and goes bang...

im shocked smokes a pipe shoots a gun!!!!!! and theres pictures off a tongue doing this! is anyone eles shocked coz i bloody am no wonder theres so much gun crime and this is a book that must off been approved by the govement has it was a nhs speech therapist.


  • I agree with you hayleysprit in that that bok shouldn't be given.I've seen speach therapists give nice games and excercises but nothing like that!

    I think that book is prob very old and needs updating! (I'm not sure that it can be blamed for gun crime though.....!!)
  • i also agree, i would want my lo using this book either, id take it back to the speech therapist and refuse to use it, lol. xxx
  • wouldnt want my child reading it! Mr tounge smokes a pipe??! If they need that kind of action cant he suck a lolly pop or something?!
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