Up until a week ago Jensen was such a happy and easy baby. He's been fussing on the boob, and not feeding too well and have hysterical crying fits where nothing consoles him. Our GP sent us up to the hospital today to see a paediatrician and he's been diagnosed with reflux and we've been given Infant Gaviscon to trial.

Has anyone got any tips on how to make things more comfortable? I feel so helpless.

Blue Gecko & Jensen 12+3


  • The docs will generally start you on infant gaviscon but keep an eye on Jensen as this can cause constipation, leading to more discomfort for him :cry: My son was diagnosed with reflux at 4 wks and never took to the IG. He went straight on renitadine and I had a different baby within 24hrs of starting him on it - that was when I saw his first real smile so that says something!! Reflux is such a stressful thing for the baby and you as the parents. Probably an assumption, but you may have been putting up with this for some time and now that he has reached the "magic" 12 wk mark they are no longer attributing it to colic and finally diagnose him properly? If so, Im glad you are finally getting some help. It's the most stressful thing we've been through. Although we have just weaned him off the renitadine at 8 months (it's common to last this long), having him on the meds has truly helped. He will now still throw up once a day on average but there is no pain associated with it (so probably just normal baby sick-up really).

    A comfortable position you can put Jensen in is the Tiger in the Tree. This is really soothing for them. Here is a vid to show you how:

    I used to lie my son on his side (propped up with rolled up rugs in the earlier days) to go to sleep as this was more comfortable for him than his back. Later I used to just let him roll on to his tummy when SIDS was no longer such a risk.

    Big hugs to you as I empathise how helpless you feel but know they just being there as his mum to comfort him is a really big help to Jensen. It won't last forever I promise!

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