How to ease a cough

Hello ladies!

My friend and her 2 little girls are staying with us for a few days - but the younger of the two (almost 18 months) just wont settle for the night, she has such a bad cough (she's on anti-biotics, the whole family are poorly, which is why they are staying with us) we have tried vapo-rub and we have tried putting a wet towel over the radiator, and she is fine when she is upright but as soon as we lay her down she just can't breath she is coughing so hard.

Does anyone have any magic tricks to ease a cough? We are getting pretty desperate and we'll do anything!

Thanks girls.


  • You've prob tried it but it worked for my LO, put a old blanket under the matress to jack it up a bit at the head end, also you could try a proper vapouriser plug in thingy, they're not too ?????? and work wonders.

    Otherwise, some linctus? Just the simple linctus, not codeine one, check with the pharmacist you can give it, but I think its quite nice if you put a little in a medicine pot and top it up with warm water, seems very soothing.

    It is difficult and there's prob not much that you can actually do but if you are doing something its makes you feel better!!!

    Good luck, hope everyone's better soon

    Liz xx
  • We use the vaporiser plug - karvol, it really seems to help when they're all congested x
  • rub vicks vaporub on the soles of her feet ...i didnt believe it would work when i read it but it really does xxx
  • wow, i'll remember that last one, dd just getting over a cough, seems worse when her room is a bit warm so trying to keep it cool and her propped up like others have said, easyer with her as shes 7 and has a drink there too, although i had to go and manoover her and get her to drink the other night.
    Hope everyone gets better soon!
    Stef 34weeks, g/c from dimay xx
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