Mirena coil


Just wondering if anyone else has the mirena coil and how they find it? Ive had mine in about 4 months now and think its settling in ok, what does everyone else think about it?

Amy xxx


  • hi i had mine for about 3 weeks now. and so far so good but ive been bleeding for 14 days now is that normal? x.
  • I think so, when I first had mine fitted I was all over the place for about 2 months and bled quite a lot but then it totally settled down and I forget its even there. Im sure it will settle down soon x
  • Ive had mine in 6 months and for the first few months it was fine, I had 1day periods every month. And now all of a sudden Ive started feeling sick, had diarrhoea constantly (sorry tmi) and my face is covered in spots! Periods have also stopped completely. I did a pregnancy test and it was negative so I'm presuming its that. Going to have to go and see the doctor about it! Im upset about it because it's ideal for me! xx
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