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My DS is 8 months and until last week had been a great eater, we started weaning at 6months and did a mixture of BLW and mashed foods. He was eating good amounts of anything and everything which was great as he isnt/never has been into milk so he has approx 8oz of milk a day. He started to fuss around his food last monday and would only eat finger food which was fine as he had got quite good at getting most of the food in rather than on the floor but the last few days he wont even pick the food up! he just starts moaning which then escalates into a full blown cry!
He has been poorly with tonsilitus which seemed to get better from sunday but he still isnt eating! The only thing he will eat are yoghurts or fruit pots and biscuits or breadsticks!

This is stressing me out as he doesnt drink enough milk for him to rely on it and today has eaten 2 breadsticks and 4oz of milk! i am unsure whether to just feed him yoghurts and the sweet foods he likes or take the hard approach and continue to offer his normal foods and if doesnt eat it then tough?!

what would you do? anyone had experience of fussy eaters?

I would be so grateful for your thoughts and experiences


  • It might be that he is still associating food with his sore throat though, rather than being fussy. Or is he teething. My boys dont want as much when theyre teething (which panics me as they only have approx 10 - 12oz of milk a day and cant have any other dairy so I know how you feel!)

    I would still offer different foods, but dont get stressed out if he doesnt eat it, and still give the yoghurts. I dont think an 8 month old can be manipulative around food (although I dont mind if people want to disagree with that! I just know my boys arent at all, they love anything)

    I would say, although im not a professional, that his body wont let him starve so, although it does get quite annoying and stressful, keep doing the same as you would normally do and if he's anything like my 2 he'll be back to normal in no time!

    Good Luck

    Gemma, Ryan and Alfie 10 months
  • Thanks Gemmiebaby, he did eat a fairly good breakfast this morning but was then sick when he was playing afterwards, TMI but it was really stringy and gunky so i am taking him back to the doctors as i think he might need antibiotics!

    Just want my happy little fellow back!

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