Aptimal 1 not dissolving properly?

Hi folks our wee one has been FF on Aptimal 1 for about 4 weeks as I had to give up BF due to illness (mine and hers were both in hospital and just couldn't continue) - she has been dead happy on it but the past few days got a bit fussy, and started to split her 5/6 oz feeds into 2 or 3 oz but more often - she seems happier to take the cartons, and as an experiment we;ve used the cartons all today and she's back to straight 5 or 6 oz feeds every 3-4 hours - just wondering, hubby and I have both had problems getting our latest box of Aptimal powder to fully dissolve - milk doesn't LOOK lumpy but there seems to be more bits of powder on the side of the bottle once she's drained it than before and we haven't changed the way we're making it! Anyone had dodgy boxes before, or any tips? We make it with water that's cooled for no longer than 15 minutes as we found that waiting 30 meant it never mixed well, and then let it cool down or run under the tap.
any advice appreciated! can't afford to feed her on cartons all the time, we'll bankrupt ourselves! (though I can't say I blame her, the stuff in the cartons always looks better to me as well!)


  • oh i agree about the carton milk looking better!

    i cant say i have experienced powder in the feeds but if its too hot the powder goes hard on the scoop and doesnt mix, give the helpline a call and see what the say, they might send you a new box,

    we also boil wait for 15-20 mins pour into the bottle add the powder shake then cool in cold water x
  • just wanted to add that we find the aptimal frothy, something that doesnt happen with the ready mixed x
  • I must admit I'm the opposite, i think the cartons look grey and pretty minging. I can't say we've had problems with he aptimel not mixing properly, sometimes we do get floating lumps but they soon vanish with a good shake. Maybe try another box and if you don't have the same prob give them a call and see if they'll replace it
  • We used to use Aptamil and I think it mixed wonderfully, even on the rare occasion I mixed the powder with room temperature water it still went in fully.
    I had the same trouble as you recently though with the Cow and Gate follow on milk when we moved onto it. Someone suggested doing a roll between the hands with the bottle prior to shaking. I've found that swirling it for about 10 secs before doing a 10 sec shake has worked perfectly.
    It does seem strange though that you've only just started having the trouble when you've always used that milk. Could be a dodgy pack I suppose and is worth contacting them.
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