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could any one tell me what the symptoms of pnd are plz my bub is 10 weeks and i just feel not like me she is no two and i dont think i felt like this first time round i love being a mum and im really enjoying my girls but me and my hub had an argument a few weeks back and i just dont seem to be able to recover HELP!:cry:


  • Hi honey, the symptoms can vary fromperson to person, but with me I feel like I am the only one who can look after my little man and I push everyone else away, feeling down, tearful, difficulty sleeping, even though my lo sleeps really well, and lots of rows with my partner cause I snap at anything. If you feel like you are suffering then the best thing you can do is speak to someone, HV or GP, who ever you feel most comfortable with. There are a few posts on pnd at the mo, so maybe have a read through those and see if anything people mention in that rings a bell with you. You're not on your own, and you know we are here if you ever need to get stuff off your chest.xxx
  • thanx sweetie i read the posts and i do feel the same as some but i just cant decide weather im just stressed or im pnd but you saying about not letting oh do n e thin i was just like that wiv no 1.
  • Are you getting much sleep? Sometimes lack of sleep can make you feel so off, and makes any stress you are feeling so much worse. Does your oh know how you feel? Maybe telling him what going on in your head will make you feel better? If you don't feel like you can talk to your partner then, like I said, we are here.xx
  • sleeing really well bub sleeps through most nights and i find it hard to talk to oh cause i dont really know how i feel or how to explaine!
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