C section incision location ??

I have a rather personal question=) I was reading and came across that the horizontal c section is above the hairline. Then I looked up pics and it is. However, mine is about an inch and a half below the hairline. How are yours ? Do you think it's better ? I was 9cm when they did the section, do you think this could be why? I am just concerned because it seems too low now that I have looked at pics. I have always wondered how it was going to heal because that's where my skin bends.I am even afraid of BD now !:\? Thank you lovely mummies.


  • Hi,

    Mine is roughly a cm above my hair line which i though was unusally high. I dont think there is a set 'height' and must depend on where the baby is and size of bump/mum etc? I actually wish mine was lower its right on my knicker line and looks horried!!

    \When did you have your LO? mine has healed really well sa im sure yours will to, and it didnt hurt when we BD either if that helps x
  • Hmmm....Mines just below hairline. I had an Emcs 5 weeks ago, fully dialated & was ready to take the clear dressing off the monday after birth ( I had her in the weds). It had all but healed, very neat & not sore on actual incision....just everywhere else! We are yet to BD yet though image xxx
  • mine is about 2 cms below hairline and like mia's mummy mine has healed really well although it can be a bit itchy! not sure if this is due to hair growth or not? but it doesnt really bother me x
  • Yep mine is below and since hair has grown back you can't see it really now.

  • mine is on the hairline and i was fully dilated x
  • Mine's just below the hairline, I think?! I've had a 'hollywood' down there for years though, and have had a 'mummy tummy' for 2 of those yrs, so don't trust me on that one! :lol: I think it depends on the woman, everyone has a different body so guessing the incision will look in a slightly different place on everyone.

    My lo's 2 now, and I cannot even see the scar anymore, it's faded so much.
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