cough update......could be chicken pox!!


My little girl had a cold which has now turned into a cough. She is 20 weeks today so about 4 1/2 months.

What can I do for her? I can raise one end of the cot. I'm not sure if Calpol or Calprofin would help?




I took my lo to the doctors this afternoon really just to get her checked over and because the calpol and calpfrofin say not to give it to a baby under 6 months for more than 24hrs.

She had some small spots on her neck which I thought were from her dribbling when laying down and from pouring water over herself but the doctor said they're viral. And, there are a couple of bigger ones that have appeared today which could be chicken pox! I phoned a friend who has been a nursery nurse for many years and has older children and she said that I should know for definate by the morning!
He gave me neurofen for babies and some nose drops which are a degongestant called Otrivine. I'm pleased I took her though will now be checking her dummy and back for chicken pox spots/blisters.......


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  • I have no idea - Gabe has an awful cough and is seriously teething too - this evening has been loud to say the least! lol...poor Gabe & Louise.

    I have just given him calpol as I wasnt sure what else he could have. I do think they can have Tixylix but I would double check.

    A cough is usually the end of a cold so hopefully shes over the worst, but if it gets worse or doesnt get better in a few days I would see doc in case it has gone to her chest x
  • Hiya my lo has had the most horrible cough and cold all week i took her to the docs and she said there's nothin she can have apart from calpol and neurofen but i think that was more for the cough than the cold. Its so horrible hearin her and seein her cough jst wish i could do sumthin to help her! She's 5 months old btw
  • I have been told that it is not advisable to give under 2's cough medicine....even tixylix
    Sorry folks, but I just had to listen to my little one for over a month. The doc gave her an inhaler in the end because she ws gttin the cough twice within a few weeks.
  • Thanks, sorry to hear that all your little ones are unwell too.

    I'll give her the calprofin and take her to the doctors on Monday if she's still unwell. (I'm lucky as never have trouble getting an appointment)

    Hope our babies get better soon

  • how exciting Tuesdae!
  • There is a Tixylix that is suitable from 3 months that I think is just basically glycerol to help sooth their throat. I've used it on my lo at night time and it helped sort his cough out really quickly and made sure he got a good nights sleep. x
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