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Hello, popped over to this forum for some advice

I am currently 26 weeks pregnant and feeling a bit down. The wait seems to be never ending and I can't wait to be able to sit in the sun with a long cool glass of white wine instead of in the shade with some fruit juice. We have been saving for two years preparing the house for our bundle of joy but all I can think about is a holiday. I wish we had gone away before getting pregnant but doing work on the house seemed the most sensible idea at the time.

I announced last night to oh that I need a holiday and I was going to sort one out for May next year. He was not impressed saying the baby would be crying on the plane and probably best to wait till the year after or go on holiday in England. AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I want to go abroad next May for a lovely week somewhere fantastic, is this a bad idea?

Sorry for the rant but please help the question is: Is it a good idea taking a baby abroad at 8 months old, is so has anyone got any ideas?

Thanks in advance K xx:roll:


  • I don't think there's anything wrong with going away with a LO. If you plan to BF that long then you can feed LO during take-off and landing, if not then a dummy or bottle to suck on should help with LO's ear popping.
    You can get microwaveable sterilising bags for bottles or you could get some cold water tablets.
    At the airport, Boots do a pre-order collection service for formula etc to avoid taking anything through security checks.

    Practical Parenting mag has got a whole section on travelling with baby/toddler this month.

    Good luck with the rest of your preg x

    p.s the first glass of cold white wine is like absolute nectar, LOL x
  • hiya

    there is another option - leave baby with grandparents for a week? We did when we went on honeymoon and will be doing again this aug, and Ollie loves it (he gets away with murder) (I was bf before we went, expressed while away and still bf when we came back, and ollie was 4months old)

    Lots of people take lo's with them, and the airports/flights are prepared for them - babies tend to be easier to take than toddlers who you have to entertain more.

    Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy, and hope you get the holiday you want.

  • Sounds like a great idea! Wish we could afford to go abroad. My parents flew half way round the world (papua new guinea) when i was 2 and my brother 8 months old and this was umm...30 years ago so I'm sure things are much easier for babies now!

    I think by 8 months you'll be well settled in to looking after your lo and you'll know your routines and what your lo wants/needs so it won't seem as daunting as maybe it does now. We've just been camping last month (Cole was 5 months old) and we spent the previous 2 months planning off and on the best way to do things and it wasn't too difficult.. all i'd recommend is start writing a list well in advance and use it when you pack...if we hadn't ..we'd have forgotten so much stuff!

    Cold water sterilising for bottles isn't that much of a pain, and I'm sure a decent travel agent would be able to find out what kind of facilities were available in a hotel for feeding babies, travel cots, car seats etc

    I flew to america a couple of years ago and on all the flights there were a variety of kids of all ages and the only ones that were noisy and annoying were the ones who's parents were too busy nattering to entertain them!

    good luck
  • get it booked!!!

    i have 3 kids now, and the youngest i have taken away was Isobel at this easter, for 2& 1/2 weeks, when she was 5 months old!!
    oliver went to California when he was 9 months old!

    as long as you prepare with things to keep them entertained on the flight, you should be ok!

    as Kia said, the only kids that misbehave are the ones being ignored! it is hard work - but not as bad as you think it will be! well worth it when you get there and can chill out!! (usually in better weather than here too!!!!)

    in Spain this year we stayed in a villa that catered for babies at no additional cost - travel cot, buggy, highchair, cold water steriliser etc so all i needed were car seats! i could have hired them, but did this a few years ago, and wasnt impressed with what i got - the airlines dont charge for them either!

    dont let having a baby stop you having a holiday!!!
  • You'll have a fabulous time. We went to Mallorca last June with my family, Millie was 9 months and her cousin was 6 months and both of them were absolute angels. We had such a brilliant time that we are going back to the same villa in September when Millie's new brother will be about 8 weeks!! (Think I might need my head examining for booking that one lol)
    I would try and keep the flight as short as possible and self catering might be less stressful than a hotel but I think it sounds like a great ides.
  • If anyone has any ideas on how to keep an 11 month old baby occupied for a 13 hour flight I'd be very grateful! We're off to Mexico in August for my brothers wedding and I'm looking forward to it but am a little apprehensive about the flight but with 33 members of my family going too then I think it should be ok!
    I agree that having a baby shouldn't stop your wanderlust!! WE just have to think about it a bit more!
  • Hi- I'm just back from two weeks in Spain with my five month old and I was soooo worried before going. I shouldn't have bothered!!! He was FANTASTIC. In fact while away and since coming back he has been a better baby than before honest!!

    The heat meant he just wanted to sleep most of the time so while he was in bed I was on the balcony sunbathing- bliss. I would just say that if we had been to a hotel then it wouldn't have been as good and also if our apartment wasn't south facing then I would have hardly got to sunbathe.

    Plan well-we took our lo to Portugal when she was 1 1/2 and the journey took us 12 hours in total (it was cheaper to fly from Dublin 2 hours drive from our home thatn Belfast 20mins away. When we arrived there was a very long transfer as well.

    Just plan the journey well- short flight and a short transfer time and you will be fine. Also as I have mentioned book somewhere with facilites for you to sunbathe on your balcony then you can hear baby in the room.

    I worried about entertaining our five month old while away but found a great co. that hired out baby products- walkers, pushchairs,highchairs,travel cots and even baby foods. Look into this coz we got a baby walker for 17E for 2 weeks and it was a blessing
  • We've always taken our los away no matter what age. Ds2 was the youngest at 12weeks and he was brill, you wouldn't know he was on the plane! We're going to Spain in Aug when dd will be 8months and tbh, i'm more bothered about whether the boys will behave (5 1/2 and nearly 3 by then!).
    We take a separate 'toy' bag for the boys with little toys and colouring/sticker books etc and they love flying etc so much they are usually very good.
    If you can, get a reclining buggy to take then your lo can sleep day or night when out. You can take this right to the plane steps and things like car seats and travel cots are usually free in the hold.
    Get it booked!
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