what do you do when they refuse to drink any milk at 8 month

Well its been since Evan was 7 months he wont touch the stuff - always been a bad milk drinker but all he has is water now - wont drink any juice, has about 8-9ozs water a day and i manage to get about 8oz milk in him via food every day and top up with yogurts and cheese but im bit worried cause he has so little, ive mentioned it to GP and HV and they say not to worry aslong as he has some.

any suggestions or ressurance please!!!!



  • i would've said exactly the same - just hide milk in his food wherever you can!

    make cereal that bit more sloppy... squeeze it in anywhere!

    my first was the same, and he happily has milk now!
  • I made milk smoothies (just milk and pureed fruit) and my lo wld drink that, do you use the same beaker for milk as water if not maybe he doesnt like the milk beaker.

    homemade rice pudding is good as well as that has lots of milk and you can leave out a lot of the sugar oh and semolina

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