sore skin on chin

Grace has very sore skin on her chin (she's 9 months). I'm sure it's just due to her dribbling all the time & hae been puting some emollient cream on that the HV gave me. Just wondered what others had used for this - I thought about sudacrem but not sure if it's for use on the face. It looks quite flaky and red now poor thing, not a good look. I'm seeing the HV on Fri so shall ask her again, not sure if it's something to bother the doc with.



  • Hi Emma,
    When my son was a baby he suffered really badly with red, dry, flaky skin on his chin - you could strike a match on it I'm sure! We tried every cream and the only one that cleared it up ws called Conotrane (I think!) It comes in a blue and white tube......or maybe try Avent Magic cream, cheapest from Tesco - about ??2.94 instead of ??4.99 in Boots!!
    Hope it clears up soon
    Sarah xx
  • Saw my hv yesterday and she said try Vaseline as Alfie's chin is all read and bobbly from his dribbles! Haven't tried it yet but the magic cream sounds handy to have in the house might try that too.
  • Vaseline! Why didn't I think of that? Good idea thanks both for the replies!
  • I haved used sudacrem on my lo's face and have heard that vaseline is good as a barrier to stop the skin from getting worse and give it a chance to heal.
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