i am pregnant with my 1st child at 19years old but i have grown very close to my 3 year old nephew im like a 2nd mum to him, recently his parents have split up and he is going through alot of changes in his life i told him i had a baby for him to play with on the way and he has been slightly distant from me ever since. I dont want him to feel like he is being left out or i wont love him as much, What can i do help him feel better??? Help me!!!!


  • I'm 23 and my younger sister is only 7. She was very jealous too when I was pregnant. We just tried to tell her about the good things - someone new to play with etc. She was adament she wasn't going to be an auntie. After I'd had my little boy we got her a preasant from the baby and since he was born she was great.and loves her little nephew to bits.
    I just kept reassuring her that I wouldn't love her anyless and when ppl came to visit us, as they mainly wanted to see Rhys I took the opportunity to give her lots of cuddles. Now she doesn't want to know me when we visit only lo ha ha.
  • I am the same as becciboo, my little sister was only 7 when lo was born, she was also adament she wasn't going to be an auntie and kept asking if I would still love her when the baby came! But now I just try to involve her a lot with bathing him and playing when she stays at mine and drop in conversation that 'Kian loves his auntie Charlotte' and she looks as pleased as punch. xx
  • Yeah Libby is so proud now and shows him off to all her friends when I pick her up from school. Also she loves playing with him but I do still get the you don't love me anymore cause u only love Rhys. I just tell her that although I love Rhys it doesn't meen I love her anyless.
  • My dh and i were on our own with our dd for 5 yrs before ds came along and she was the only grandchild on my side of the family so we thouhgt she was going to be really jealous so we made sure she got just as much attention as the baby from us and visitors and we bought her a special present to her from the baby and still done things just the 3 of us and left lo with my mum and she has been brilliant just the odd burst of jealousy she's like his second little mam lol
    vikki xx
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