baby suit for wedding

Hi ladies,

I'm going to a wedding in April, Ben will be 6 months then and I wanted him to have a little suit or other cute outfit.. can't seem to find one that isn't really expensive... any ideas where I can get one??? x x x


  • snap, was going to post something similar lol...JJ will be 7 months in April, hope u don't mind me looking at some of ur answers? x
  • I got one for Alfie from vertbaudet in their sale - was about a tenner. Worth a look, and if you hold off a little till March there should be a sale or joining offer that helps!
  • Try this link everyone!

    I dont know where you live but we have two shops up here (one in Bury Market and one in Bolton) by these people and I often wished we had an occasion to go to where Tommy could wear one of their little suits! The girls little dresses are stunning too.

  • I have just bought al little suit for my lo's christening (he is almost 7mths) and it was half price at ??19.99.... really pleased with it so would def recommend... its from


    Amy x
  • Ooh i got Harry's christening suit on ebay. its not really a wedding-y type one but they had lots of others. worth checking out/. i think it was about 10ish pounds xxx
  • i had Alex christened when he was about 10 months old, and he wore a pair of stone coloured linen pants, a white linen shirt, and stone coloured waistcoat. it looked very smart and was ideal for us, as neither me and oh are into traditional christening gear. it would also be ideal as a wedding outfit.

    however, that was 4 years ago (just to give you an idea i suppose?!), and it was from monsoon, but i know that Next have regularly got linen shirts for lo - maybe you could try a pair of cords & plain shirt as these would be smart (my bigger boy has worn this type of thing at weddings etc)
  • Next do some lovely smart things for babies - I know they do a 3 piece, trouser, shirt and waistcoat thingy which would be lovely ??20 ish I think.
    We went to a wedding when lo was 15 weeks old and I got him a lovely pair of linen trousers and shirt set from Matalan - I think it was only about ??8 and he ended up wearing it loads.
  • BHS do proper wedding stuff. bloody rip of it is too - even at sale prices! Hubby spent a fortune on stuff for Cole to wear at bil's wedding!

    Monsoon have had a couple of cute things in the sale including some nice waistcoats. BHS also have had a nice-ish little set with a nice shirt and waistcoat but it has jeans rather than smart trousers.

    I'm sure I saw something nice and smart-ish in asda recentlyt oo
  • my little man was 20days old when i got married and i got him a little suit from ebay. this is the link for the one i got him. if you go onto the sellers shop there are lots to choose from in different ages.

    or just type in baby wedding outfit in the search on ebay and you get lots of options. hope this helps.

  • i bought my godson a gorgeous suit off ebay, had black trousers and waistcoat with pink shirt. was about ??20 so it might be worth having a browse xx
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