Hugs Everyone.

Just to say I hope everyone is OK. Sun is shining, kiddies are happy, OH is cooking tonight image

I'm one happy bunny......hugs anyone?

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx image


  • aww can I have one - im so tired Evan was a buggar last night oh didnt get up once to see to him, bean is making me pee constantly and cant even be bothered to get dressed today lol
  • Of course honey {{hug}}

    Naughty OH (slaps him) :lol: I hate getting dressed at weekends, something nice about staying in my jim-jams!


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  • *big hugs to all*

    Hope your all well. If so i'm happily giving a cold away if anyone wants it? lol

    Lisa xxx
  • there is especially when im only 14 weeks but my bump is bigger than when I was 6 months first time round so pj's all day!!!!!
    Ill pass on the cold thanks lol
  • BIG HUGS! glad your having a good day!
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