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Hi everyone. I hope someone can help me with this one.

I am due to go on holiday over Easter to my mum's caravan, with my baby. She will be around 6 months old then. She has just started to roll over back to front, but can't pull herself up yet, but the way she is going, she might be able to by the time we go away!

What i would like to know is, has anyone else been to a caravan with a LO? If so, how did you manage the sleeping? What i mean is, the travel cot we have is too big for the caravan, so we need to think of some other solution. We were thinking about a bed guard on the single bed, but don't know if that will be suffice.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated!!!


  • Hi we stayed in cavavan when Erin was 5 months and we bought one of those travel cots that look like a tent i'll attempt to post a link this worked really well and she naps in it a few times very light and easy to trasport it says they can stay in them for ages but Erin has out grown hers now due to her mobility rather than size and she is 11 months. It is quite expensive but i think it is worth it xx
  • Zacky was only 4mths when we went on a caravan holiday in Wales. We hired a travel cot from the site wich worked OK. We just had to set it up in the free space in the lounge. Sorry as I know this doesnt help.
  • Hi,
    We bought a caravan when my lo was 6mth and we put her to sleep on our big bed, head in the gap between the side of van and drawers at front. We then put her travel cot covering the gap from bed to floor (she could roll and commando crawl by this stage, but not climb). We now have her in the same gap, but on a readybed and she's been fine whichever!
    Have fun!
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