a Jumperoo question??

Charlie loves his jumperoo but it always takes two of us to put him in it, i lower him and hubby feeds his feet through the holes. Is there a clever way to do this with just one person?lol.xx


  • I have a leapfrog activity station and Frankie is a pain to put in cos she crosses her legs. What I do is hold her by the top of her legs and bum and she holds on to me, i place her in but cos im holding her legs she cant cross them. I have to do it at an angle to make sure she rests against me if she felt like letting go.
  • also if you pull the seat out of the top you can see the holes easier so sort of dangle above the holes then go down quickly!!!:lol:
  • I hope this makes sense, but this is how I do it! I hold my right hand between his legs so he is effectively sat on my hand, with my palm up.

    I hold him facing away from me. With my left hand I put my hand across his chest and hold around his upper right arm so he's secure.

    Then as I lower him in, with the hand which is under his bottom, I use my little finger and thumb (one on each leg) to keep his legs apart and slot him in. He does try to wriggle before he's completely lowered in, so the hand betweeen his legs with fingers holding his legs apart stopps him ending up with both legs in one hole! Does that even make any sense? Lol.

  • lol, thanks girls, he really is a cheeky little so&so!!
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