Pulling off bottle and crying

Hi again

After just going through a *massive* growth spurt and eating loads, Adam has suddenly decided that he is not at all interested in his milk!

He will cry for his bottle and practically dives onto it when it's offered, but after about five sucks he starts crying and pulls off, only to seem even more annoyed when the bottle is removed! He'll then dive on it again, but only take a few sucks before getting upset (again). I am struggling to get more than 3 or 4 oz into him at each feed and the feeds are lasting up to half an hour. Last week he was draining 8oz in 15 mins!

I have tried faster flow teats, but these seemed to upset him even more. It's not wind and the milk is the right temperature for him.

I thought it might be sore gums (he's nearly five months old) - but he's not showing any other signs of teething (apart from the constant dribbling and fist sucking! He doesn't have red cheeks, nappy rash, loose nappies etc).

Has anyone elses LO been through a similar stage at this age? What could it be?? :\?



  • perhaps its his teeth, could also be thought hat he's ready for the next size teat flow hth xx
  • I had this problem with DS.. i took him to the doctors but tbh i just thought it was teething. Turned out underneath his gums there were white spots (thursh image ) Aparently its very common, and most likely the cause are dummies so i felt awful when i took him in with a dummy in his mouth image

    The doctor said he was diving for his bottle cause he was that hungry, but only taking enough to satisfy the hunger and not to fill him up and getting fustrated with this, but his gums were too soar to take his full bottle.

    Not saying it is this but i was very suprised when i found out as i didnt see it coming!

  • Hi, I have had this with Grace (now nearly 10 months) on a couple of occasions. Once was teething, and the other time she had a throat infection. Perhaps see if calpol helps? Good luck x
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