My OH is finally Listening!

Hi there Ladies, If you have read my other posts you will know what has been going on so this is just an update. The last few days have been really hard for me but I had a big talk with my oh and sorted alot of things and he is letting me deal with feeding our baby MY WAY!. Its taken some doing but things are finally back on track.

She is again enjoying her little bit of food and milk.

I just wanted to say thankyou to all you ladies who repled and have given me advice. I was nearly packed and ready for moving out but I knew I had to sort it.

I think without you lot I would have crumbled and fell apart. Enough of the soppy stuff!!!

Thanks again guys
Mammy knows best. ALWAYS!!!!:lol:



  • Awww honey. I am pleased things are a lot better for you. Lets hope it continues. Well done for following your instinct image

  • Afternoon,
    Im reall;y pleased to read that you are sorting things out between you and your oh. Stick to what you think is best like, and I agree with katie, dont let him try steering you back to his ways.
    Hope things continue to pick up. That whats great about this sight, theres loads of ladies who have great advice esp when you feel down and need a boast of confidence. Keep us informed of your progress image xxx
  • Well done Kerry. I'm pleased things are improving and long may it continue.

  • oh good good!! im so glad youve managed to sort it out! He was being silly though so you were right to sit him down and tell him what for!!
  • So glad to hear things are going better
  • Well done babe glad your little girl's getting her food and milk now and you feel happier at home. x
  • Well done you im pleraseded you have sorted it out unfourtunatley although they think they know best men simply dont . I couldnt belive the 6th sense i had with me dd but knoe i have son its even worse even oh picks up on it, now he just says your son wants you or you know best.
    Well done Kerry.
  • Hi hun,
    I am so pleased for you! Hopefully things will settle down for you now and your little girl will go from strength to strength! image
  • Well done you Kerry, glad things are working out xxx
  • Am so glad to hear that. image I hope he continues to let you do it your way, and that your lil girl comes on leaps and bounds now.

    Keep in touch via email as well. Once this weeks over we'll sort something out to meet up image But I can always get to my emails so will be there if you want someone to rant/talk to.

  • am so happy things turned out well, good communication works 99% of the time.n we are all here for you anytime
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