Hi Ladies

I excusively bf my daughter for 6months then changed to formula. I got my first period 33 days ago, before i had her, my cycles were beween 26-28 days.

Just wondering if you found your cycles changed or took a while to get back to normal?


jen xx


  • Oooohhh, will be watching this with interest as I'm on my second cycle since having LO and I think they're longer than they were before too...must admit though I haven't been day counting!

  • Mine are longer since giving birth (jack is now 13 months) mine used to be every 29 days now there nore like 35-40 days! I went to the gp who checked all my bloods which were all normal so i think its just the way iam now!

  • Thanks, just thought that when they came back that things would get back to normal, whatever that maybe.. lol

    We are wanting to start ttc again so fingers crossed it hurrys up and comes.

    jen xx
  • Oh I haven't had my 1st yet, but hope they aren't longer!!! I was already having a 35-37 day cycle before concieving lo!!!
  • Luke is 9 months and I week now at I got mine back last month for the first time and then 28 days later another one now, before I hada the coil and they were about 26 days.

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