Nursing chairs?

Hope you don't mind me popping over from pregnancy but I thought you ladies may be able to offer some first hand advice on what works for you and your LOs

I'm having a dilemma with nursery chairs!

I'm planning to breastfeed/express hopefully so am thinking that at nights, it will be easier for me to have somewhere to sit without having to come downstairs. I could always lounge on the bed (haven't decided if I will feed my twins together or separately yet) but would rather the babies get used to being kept upstairs in the nursery during night feeds.

We do have a bit of space for a chair but am wondering whether you think it's worth it? I'm not a fan of the glider/nursing chairs and they don't seem very "twin friendly" as they have narrow arms and I don't think I will use one much when they get older.
I was thinking of a cheap armchair with wide arms from Ikea?

What do people think? I'm especially interested in opinions from twin mummies too

Thanks in advance xxx


  • i bought one for our lo, its in his nursery and i dont use it often as archie sleeps in his moses in with us. if youve got room then its a good idea, i hav a gliding one an archie loves it. i mostly use it in the eves if hes over tired and gettin worked up
  • I have a gliding one but a friend just has an old squishy armchair4 which does the job and actually is comfier than mine. Think it would work better for twins aswell. Good Luck with your pregnancy x
  • We just got a cheapie chair from Ikea, our daughter dropped the night feed at 8 weeks so really glad we didnt buy an expensive glider. It would have been a waste of money!! Sorry not a twin mummy so cant help with that.
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