how and how oftten do you clean your sterlisers?

mines a electric and beginning to get a bit of limescale but what do i use?



  • i've seen citric acid for sale on ebay to use as a cleaner/descaler but i'm as yet to use it

    Anyone else use citric acid? i have the tommee tippee closer to nature eletric steriizer and i think i remember there being a sticker on the front but its long gone to remembwer it
  • I just clean mine in hot soapy water, I didn't know you got special stuff to use. I'll keep my eyes peeled and get something.
  • i have avent sterilizer and idescale it every 3 to 4 weeks otherwise it stains brown on bottom and makes the bottles have white limescale bits on them. Apparently it make work ineficiently if you dont. Mine came with lots of sachets od avent descaler and then i think you buy them from boots when you run out
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