green poo. sorry i've got to ask!

Hi everyone

I changed Maiya onto aptamil hungry baby milk about 3 weeks ago and apart from being a bit more windy it seemed ok. today though she had a poo and it was the usual colour but runny and had dark green more solid steaks in it (sorry tmi). she did have an upset tummy one day early last week when she had one almost browny/yellow water poo (just the one). She does seem to be bringing her knees up a bit more and is also teething (i think).

what does green poo mean? do you think it might be the milk??? I can't say the hungry baby is making any difference to her appetite as she still wants 11 ounces befoe bed and is now waking at 4am on the dot for a full feed she is 17 weeks.

would it help if I started to wean her??


  • If she is teething, and dribbling lots, she is swallowing lots of saliva during the day, which in turn makes the poo green.

    They say not to worry if poo is yellow, orange, brownish or green. But to worry if poo is black or has red/bloody bits in it.

    Green poo though can be caused by a viral thing a baby could be fighting off (say a cold), teething or wind.

    Other times when to worry about poo is when it is diarrhea (not one runny poop, but lots and very close together) or constipation - hard, pebble like poop and very straining baby.

    Found this all out when my lil boy first had green poop lol! :P
  • My lo had a bit of greenish poo once, it was cos he was put on infant gaviscon and it changed his poos! Also after changing milk so it can be a dietary thing.
    Gabe is fully weaned so does brown poos now (ick) mainly but he has had 2 teeth come in a week and it has been like yellow water. it can definitely be down to teething x
  • thanks ladies. she is dribbling loads and chewing her hands. i'll just keep an eye on it.who would have thought poo watching would become so important image)

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