This morning when I went to get Gabe, he was completely upside down - his head pointing to the foot of the cot! He was right at the top as well. It cracked me up - hes never done that before!!!

He's becoming really active now and although not rolling he is moving...if you put toys out of reach he will shuffle on his back till he can reach them! Maybe he will skip the rolling stage altogether and go straight to crawling, as he tries to pull himself about on his tummy too.

Saw HV yesterday about his development and she has told me to give him loads of tummy time (I never did much before as he hated it!), time on his feet etc and he is OK with it, even spent a full 10 minutes on his tummy playing with a toy. If no progress in 3 weeks she will refer him to a physiotherapist but he seems to be doing really well, he'll be off soon lol!!!


  • Well done Gabe and well done you! My lo was the same with tummy time hated it and squealed so much we didin't bother now he can't get enough! They change so qucikly don't they? x
  • Wow, well done Gabe.... Like others have said- baby proofing- here you come!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Thats really great news for you!
    I know how worrying it can be when your baby doesnt seem as mobile as others.
    Freddie only rolled a couple of times (but think because he is a little chunky monkey starting at 9lb 15) and then never crawled but started to bottom shuffle just b4 he was 1!
    I was really worried because he really didnt seem interested in standing or walking but finally took his first steps at 18 months!
    sorry just realised ive gatecrashed but just wanted to say that old cliche really is true that they all do it at different times! and for me Freddie is all the more special because hes not like your average baby!!
    Heidi xx
  • Awww bless little're right they are so different, but it is worrying when they seem to be advanced in other ways, but not mobile!

    Gabe's 6 months now, and he was born at 9lb 1 so I've often thought that heavier babies move slower. wonder if theres any truth in it??
  • it does make you wonder that! but im sure there will always be babies that dont fit that idea!
    my eldest was 7lb 4 @ birth and crawled at 5 and half months and my second daughter was 11lb7 (yes true) @ birth and was later crawling at 10 months, though saying that she did also slow down weight wise and to look at her nearly 9 yrs on youd never guess she was a big tubster at birth!! xx
  • lol first time Charlie turned upside down it took me by surprise and I woke OH up telling him off for putting Charlie in bed up side down! haha x
  • Well done Gabe!!!! you might be right about missing the rolling stage, my neice never really crawled but was really quick to walk, all babies are different! xxxx
  • bless him! your post sounds really positive. Apparently I walked before I crawled and have heard that a few times so I guess babies do miss bits out!
  • Yay, brilliant news. I think HV's panick when babies arent doing things by the "average " age and forget that the average comes from some doing things young, and some doing things older!
    Must have been fun to find him upside down! Have been away for 3 nights now and am missing Nathan and Lauren like mad, but also enjoying late nights and late rising too.
  • Well it def sounds like he wants to move and that sounds good to me. I'm sure that if you did give him more tummy time he will move around more on his tummy - then you'll wish he'll stay still. Charlotte's still commando crawling buy by gum she's quick & into everything. She opens bottom drawers now and trys to empty them!!
    I'm sure he will roll soon. Charlotte rolled onto her side at 4 months then took nearly 2 months to roll onto her front!! She still doesn't roll onto her back again very much.
  • Well done Gabe, sounds like he's geting somewhere. ITs fun seeing where they'll end up in the cot!! Cole hated tummy time too and only went on his tummy when he figured out how to roll properly at about 7 months (he'd done it before but only accidently!). Now he's 11 months and just walked!!

    The hv's really do panic people don't they!! I've had my friend in a panic cause her new hv told her that her 5 month old must be developmentally delayed as she wasn't grabbing things and wasn't sitting up on her own! Seen her twice this week and she's been grabbing stuff, and cole wasn't sitting up at her age either which i hope has reassured my friend.

    Heres hoping he'll be off soon!
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