Bloody CBeebies!!

bit of a rant really!!

I cant believe they have changed the entire days tv not just a few programmes everything is different! i am having a nightmare with brooke this morning who wants to watch her tele and its not on! like big cook little cook after breakfast and 11 o clock is tikabilla then night garden then bed! but no nothing is the same!1

my sis says the whole week is different! its so annoying its bad enough when they just change the programmes around let alone changing everything!!


  • I know! I put it on expecting Doodle Doo and Something Special as Charlotte likes to watch them. I think ITNG is still on bedtime hour though.
  • I had the same this morning. Ella wasn't interested in watching the other programmes. Hope it goes back in the new year.
  • Neve is not impressed either however I am enjoying the Koala Brothers Christmas special - I suspect I am not their target audience though image
  • I hope they still have ITNG on at 6.20. We watch that together and have cuddles and milk!

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