11month - eating question


Finlay is just over 11 months and has never been a good eater, has never want purrees so ended up going down fingure food route but he only eats a few mouthfuls of things and most just gets spat out!

i know theres nothing wrong with him as he will happily much on snacks! he is obviously just VERY fussy!

At the mo he will eat small amounts of: baby porridge, toast, grapes, cheese strings, macaroni cheese
he will let me feed him those custard fruit pots, and fruit baby jars and yougurts.

as you can see he's not getting any veg... and no meat really may try a bite size amount of ham at a push! can anyone suggest anything???

ive tried all sorts, also just given him bits of our dinner, tried the 12 month baby food like the lasanga etc as he sees to prefer more proper food but he'll have one mouthful and thats it so i wasting a lot of money!

im trying not to stress about this, as i have in the past when he was young but now i think he's a healthy weight and he has 3 x bottles but soon i need to reduce that and then he needs more goodness from food!



  • If he already likes macaroni and cheese, could you try hiding some chicken and vegetables in that?
    Or try making a risotto - i always think that when i make that for my lo, the texture seems quite similar to macaroni cheese and it's great for hiding veg/meat in! It's also pretty cheap to make so not much waste.
  • What about home made macaroni cheese and adding minced beef/lamb/chicken and purred veg? Would he eat that...?
    I don't really know what else - ...what about a tortilla wrap spread with some veg puree with pieces of chicken/ham/gratec cheese in it?
    Also have you tried him with any stronger flavours - like curry or chilli con carne? Some lo's love things like that.
    Hope I've helped....sorry if I haven't!
  • oo liking the ideas... i have tried hiding things in macaroni and he spits those bits out and swollows pasta - cheeky monkey! risotto never made but i' going shop in min so will have a look! thanks!

    hadn't thought about using some veg puree on things!!!

    thanks xxxx
  • Yeah, put veg puree on his toast too if he's eating that. I agree with MrsC06, risotto is a good idea and cheap to make. I made Charlotte some butternut squah risotto at the weekend with tomatoes & grated cheese in it. You can also add some pasta to it as well if he will accept that.
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