Anybody in Devon...**Updated with possible dates for meet**

...and fancy meeting up, say in Exeter?

We recently moved to Tiverton, and don't really have any friends close by (all my friends are in Barnstaple), so I'd love to meet some new people - especially other mummies!


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  • Hello! I'm not hugely close but its close enough for me! I'm near Weston Super Mare xx
  • Hi whalemummy - Sure I could travle up to Bristol or something! Is your OH going to take that job in Croyde?

  • im in plymouth! thats ages away from anywhere! lol xxxx
  • Lau - could you get to Exeter?
  • yeah i could get to exeter. when were you thinking? cos i'm free every week sunday-friday (only work saturdays) so im flexible as to when we can meet. but i'd need to wait til 20th til i get paid cos im skint at the mo. xx
  • I live in Exeter image

    Woohoo perhaps we could have our own 'big' meet :lol: x
  • Ohhhh hopping over from the april forum - im from exeter! Already mummy to 2 lil boys and no 3 is coming next month!!! Id def b up for it - will b babyless til this lil one arrives tho! xx
  • Hello Devon mummies!

    I live in Plymouth and have a little boy called Joshua who is 21 months old...Exeter is only an hour away but I dont drive so would have to get the train and havent braved that yet with the little man. But depending on when you were thinking (and as long as there arent any bus replacement services grrrrr) im sure i could give it ago! x
  • That's a good idea, lets introduce ourselves. I normally post on the 'born in March 08' forum but do observe the 'baby' forum too.

    My name is Claire. I am 25 and live in Exeter. I have two little girls, Abigail who will be 4 in May and Olivia who is 1 next month.

    P.s - woomummy - do you mind me asking which area of Exeter you live in?

    Vicky&Joshua - i bought my car in Plymouth last year! Pointless piece of info i know :lol: x
  • I dont live in Devon but am going on holiday there for 2 weeks in July.... Near Newton Abbott
  • Wow - great response!! I hadn't got as far as thinking "when" - just wanted to know if there was anyone else up for a Devon meet! I had a c-section 4 weeks ago, so can't drive for another 2 weeks at least. But I could get the bus to Exeter instead.

    What days are good for everyone? I'm on maternity leave at the mo, so can do most days with enough notice.

    By the way - I'm Liz and am mum to Ben (8 next week) and Lyla (4 weeks on Monday). I was on the "due in Jan 09" forum and am now on here!

  • hiya
    im vikki, im 29 and i live in torquay, im usually over on the march08 forum with claire_olivia (who i never knew lived in close!!)
    i have 4 boys
    harvey....11 months!

    hope everyone is well xx
  • i live in cornwall, about an hours drive to exeter and 45/50mins drive to plym. Im currently 31+1 with baby no2 and tegan is 15months, would love to meet up but i dont think ill get round to it untill baby is here as im not really upto travelling far atm. if you have another meet in a few months then i would also love to come image xxx
  • Hey girlies - mondays and tuesdays are always really good for me!! Claire_olivia - i would say but after all the stuff that went on here im more cautious...!!! Feel free to email me privately though image My youngest is also 3...hes going to be 4 is 4wks time though - just in time to become a big bro image xxxxx
  • hey, sorry i've not be on the site for ages it seems! OH still needs to speak to the restaurant as he reckons they'll need to pay him at least 28k to live down there with all the costs (and his stupid car) so it may be a no go, but i can do any day bar friday!!

    Oh and its just me, OH and Harry who's first birthday on friday!!!!

    Lucy xxx
  • Ok - Mondays seem to be a good day for most people. How about 2nd or 16th March in Exeter? Can you let me know if either of those dates is any good, or which you prefer? Or if neither of those dates is good for you, can you suggest an alternative?

  • Let me know about dates, ladies

  • Hi girls,

    tuesdays are best for me as thats my day off, unless we could make it the week after the 16th march cos im holiday week commencing 21st march.

    i may bring my sister for moral support on the train ha ha, you'd think i had a terrrible toddler but ive never travelled with him by myself! im really looking forward to it xxx
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