admit it..

who is still in their pajamas?

me and grace are ! :lol:



  • LOL!!!! wish I was! xx
  • lol i'm off to get a shower & ellie is bathed & dressed so not too bad but I was in my pj's until 2pm yesterday image
  • I was until 30mins ago..... when I got washed and dressed and put on.... wait for it..... old t-shirt and joggers!!! Still put my dressing gown back on too!!!xx lol xxx
  • I'm not but I wish I was! LOL.
  • wish i was.........have a 6 year old to get to school so have to get up.
    roll on saturday.............
  • I got dressed earlier, Faye had a clean sleepsuit put on this morning as she was sick and then put back into bed so she is effectively still in pj's!! We have baby clinic this afternoon so she can stay as she is as its easier to undress her!!
  • My boys are all dressed and have been since 8am but i go to bed in a tracksuit so if anyone pops round it looks like im dressed but im not :\)
  • I've just had my shower!
  • I'm still in my pyjmama too image!! Infact we all are!! I will go and get dressed in a min. Don't think I can get away with going to town looking like this :lol:

  • Sorry - I'm showered and dressed.

    Ciaran tends to have a sleep somewhere between 8am and 10am so I jump through the shower then.

    I also had the shopping arriving between 10 and 11 so had an incentvie to make sure I was up and dressed!!!
  • I was until about half an hour ago. I feel ill and only got dressed in to some jogging bottoms image
  • I wish I was, I'm in work today boo, just having lunch though yum
  • i am but im on my way in the shower Lexie is ready though going into town in a bit going to pop into pets at home as she likes looking at the animals got to get cat biscuits too lol
  • Am dressed but covered in butternut squash, potato and green beans so will need a shower sharpish! x
  • I was in mine but brooke was cryin in the bath bout half hour ago so i got in with her then figured i may aswell put clothes on when we got out! Plus we're meetin my mum 4 lunch at 1.30 so had 2 get dressed but usually we have a pj day once a week, we stay in pj's all day then get bathed/showered n into clean pj's b4 bed! X
  • oh i wish i was, i had to go into town and get tegan some new shoes, really wanted to have a lazy pj day tho xxx
  • Yep me and george are but the girls are dressed as daddy took them to school and picked them up so I chose to have a lazy day!! xxx
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