Breastfeeding and Dummies is it ok??

Me again :lol:

My dd Amber is 18days old and I am pretty sure she is using me as a dummy at night to settle!! I am b'feeding her and expressing so she can have a bottle in the night too. I think she has got used to feeding to settle herself of to sleep as she goes very sleepy - almost as if she is asleep and sucking if that's possible??

My midwife told me not to use a dummy but I am sure this would settle her off as she isn't always hungry - sometimes she will have 30mins be put down to sleep and wake herself up an hour later crying and desperate to get latched onto the boob. She feeds roughly every 3 to 4 hours.

Any advice would be great as I want her to be able to sleep without being b'fed to sleep, thanks girls!

Amy xx

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  • Hi personally I think Ashton used me as a dummy too as he wanted to suck all the time. We gave him a dummy and I got a rest! He is now bottle fed and still has a dummy now & again. Personally I dont see anything wrong with giving a dummy to comfort them and help them settle. Yes Ashton sucks in his sleep even when the dummies not in his mouth, lol.
    Tammi & Ashton xxx
  • Ollie had a dummy at about 3 days old as he was using me as a comforter. :lol:

    he still has his dummies now, but only at bed/nap times and its no problem. It did help him to sleep a bit better, and stopped him feeding from me every half hour or so.... image

  • My lo had a dummy from about 2 weeks old as we was using me for comfort, it took her a while to get used to using it but was a great break when she did!
  • i was readin posters in the hospital and they said as long as baby is latching onto you fine when feeding then a dummy is fine cuz it can cause problems if they're not latching on properly yet (obv cuz it's completely different in their mouth), hope that helps, i'm not breastfeeding myself so i cant talk from experience x

  • i used a dummy for my eldest and really wish that i had given one to freya from the start ase she still uses me as a dummy at 6 months!!! i tried to give a dummy a couple of weeks ago but because she wasnt used to it she wouldnt have and it only made her cry more! if i ever had another one iwoukld give them a dummy from the start. i had a few problems with freyas feedomg in the begining and didnt want to teach hera different way of sucking, but by week 4 she was fine so i really wish i had introduced one then as i might be getting alot more sleep than i am now!. x
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