Why wont she eat?

Hiya girls,

Summer is just over 5 months now, and I recently stopped breast feeding for various reasons. She took to the bottle really well and for the first couple of weeks was taking 6/7 ozs every 3/4 hours. I also started her on solids 3 weeks ago which was going really well and she loved it.

Over the past week she is hardly drinking her milk, she has about 2 or 3 ozs at a time every 4 hours and is completely refusing solids!! I have tried offering her milk more often but she then takes even less I just don't know what to do? She went 12 hours without milk last night and then only took 3 ozs this morning!

Sometimes it seems as if she is in pain and only takes the first few ozs to stop the hunger then cries if I try to give her any more. She also cries when I manage to get the spoon in her mouth so I stop.

I thought it might have been thrush because she has a couple of white patches on the inside of her cheeks but she had this before and it never hurt her. The doctor didn't really think it was thrush either but gave me medicine for it anyway to see if it works but it hasn't so far.

Has anyone elses baby done this or does any one know what it might be? I will talk to the hv tomorrow at the clinic but they aren't usually very hepful either. Summer is really happy all the time unless I am trying to feed her!

Thanks for any replies!



  • Hiya,

    Can't believe I didn't even think about teething lol, that is a possibility I will have a look when she wakes up, thanks hun.

    Aww, hopefully Gracie Faye is teething then at least you will know what the problem is. Have you noticed any signs?xxx
  • Hi,

    My lo did this on and off before she cut her first tooth at 6months. I remember her fussing over milk and then refusing solids. We basically went back to square one with weaning after that. Try rubbing a little teething gel onto her gums before a bottle and see if that helps.
  • hey i had same problem and it is def teething all though may also have been a cold and sore throat as we all had it. millie is on solids now and goes longer inbetween feeds she was doing exactly what faith does and only way she would calm down is when i gave her the teething ring. i make sure i put the teething gel on every 3 hours now 15mins b4 i feed her or give her solids. 2day shes eaten all her food and taken all her bottles! so obvioulsy her teeth arent hurting as much 2day! would say its def teething!! also sometimes i would make the bottle cooler when her teeth hurt as she would take more milk then x
  • Gabe is a rubbish eater too, he is 8 months now and it's all teething related (boo).

    He goes through phases, sometimes he eats lots and drinks 7oz milk every 4 hours but other times (like now) he only takes 2-3oz and refuses solids.

    He went through a really bad phase of this just before christmas when he refused EVERYTHING all day and then woke up for about 6oz at 10pm because he was literally starving but he screamed everytime I tried to feed him.

    I took him to the doctors and he had a chest infection and that was why he was 'off', antibiotics really worked but now he is doing it again and its maddening isnt it!

    Hope you find out why Summer isn't eating. Remember she won't starve herself. xxx
  • Thankyou everyone!
    Yep she is definately showing signs of teething, she's dribbling loads, chewing everything, rosy cheeked and has nappy rash so very possible. She has been doing all those things for qute a while though but I've heard they can show signs for ages before they cut a tooth. It's strange for me to have a teething 5 month old as my first was 14 months before she cut her first tooth lol and it didn't bother her atall, she walked before she had any teeth hehe.

    It is very frustrating, but at least I am pretty sure of what it is now so that really puts my mind at rest. Summer woke up screaming half an hour ago, so I put some teething gel on and she went staright back off yay!!

    Thanks again for advice girls. I'm still gonna get her checked out by hv tomorrow but I'm sure you are all right.xxxxxxx
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