My daughter just wants to sleep all time

Ok well I dont know if this is anything to worry about or not. The thing is my princess is 5 and half months and the last week all she has wanted to do is sleep. She wake up about 7 or half 7, I give her a feed then she goes back to sleep. She then wakes me a few hours later I give her another feed about 9-30, she will stay awake for about a hour then she will just go back to sleep again for like 3 hours, she only seems to want to wake up for a feed, she does have alittle play with her toys while awake ut she probably sleeps about 20 hours aday. I do put her to bed about 7 for the night and she sleeps till 7 half 7. Should I be worried with her wanting to sleep all time?


  • id arrange to see the doctor just to be safe
  • i would take her to the gp asap as it is a sign of diabeties, you need her to see a doctor as soon as possible, not trying to scare you but im a nurse and have seen this several times. x
  • as the others have said i would definitely take her to see your gp or call your health visitor, i think sleeping that much for a week is an awful lot for a baby of 5 1/2 months! does she seem her normal self when she is awake or is she wingey? how does she let you know she wants to go back to sleep? x
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