SO annoyed!

I am online trying to book a nice hotel (not amazingly expensive) but still nice for tomorrow night. We usually stay with my sister when we visit that town but decided we'd treat ourselves. Anyway, have now phoned 3 places only to be told by each that "we dont take babies in this hotel!"

So annoyed, my baby is 9 months old and sleeps 7 to 7 every night, even when we are away in a different house.
Anyone else experienced this?

Looks like it'll be my sisters house again (which is lovely so i shouldnt complain!)



  • not experienced that myself, probably nto what ur looking for but most travel inns/premier inn/travel lodge/holiday inn are pretty good and are usually very good price wise hth xx
  • That seems a bit unreasonable!!! I bet your LO would make less noise than most of the other guests!

  • Thanks WoW baby. I have looked in to those you mentioned but they seemed to be either full or priced higher than some of the nice hotels so was just trying to treat ourselves to a wee bit of luxury for the same price but we may end up with one of them anyway!

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