Maxi Cosi Loola Up (also in pregnancy)

Hi ladies,

Had a play with the loola up at kiddicare today and really liked it, looked good and was easy to push and super easy to fold up etc. But I wanted to know if anyone has had one, got any opinions?

Thanks x



    It was great and light with carseat but once I put the chair bit in it was the nightmare of my life!

    From my friends in baby groups the ones I have pram envy of.....icandy cherry & bugaboo (I would get 2nd hand for next LO as I got Loola and then brought another so should have spent more in the beginning)

  • I have the Loola up and really like it.
    We never bought the carrycot, the lady in John Lewis told us we didn't need it and I'm, glad we never spent the extra on it.
    LO just went on the pram part flat and in the cosytoes and was like this every time we went for a walk until he could sit up.
    My Lo is now 8.5 months old and we still use it every day.
    We are just on the verge of getting a new car seat and I'm going to miss the travel systemas it's so easy to use when pushing round the shops like this.
    It folds up nicely, it is heavy when folded with the pram on, but I can still lift it in and out of my boot.
    We got the replacement straps and have had no problems so far but do wonder if the straps will fit him when he is 2!
    I find the basket ok, it fits 2 bags of shopping and I have a handle, that I bought, on the pram to hang another bag.
    I really liked the icandy cherry as well but the handle didn't adjust height, which was no use for us. The Loola up is good as the handle adjusts height and it is easy to move around with one hand.

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  • I have the loola to and like ladyK said when we were using it with the car seat is was BRILLIANT!! so ewasy to get out and clunk the seat in to, easy to fold, BUT.....
    The shopping basket it CRAP you cant fit anything in to it, it feels flimpsy, after a few months of use it all goes a bit wobble, Its TOOOO heavy when you have the pram seat on to fold together. Its rubish on bumpy terrain but around supermarkets its great.

    I have since brought a quinny and am looking at getting a stroller now to, so the extra money i have spent now i could have gone for a more expensive one to start off with.

    Sorry its not the most postive reply but i thought i should be honest xxx
  • Also.... if you wanted a loola style travel system, maxi cosi have a new stroller out called Mila, which you can put a car seat on to and use from birth, it looks fab!! Just something else for you to think about. xxx

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  • Originally had M and P Pliko Pramette, but once Freddie arrived realised it wasn't what we wanted oops! Got a Loola Up off eBay and LOVE it!! It's fab, he's really comfi in it. Looked so snug in the Winter with the sleeping bag thing on it. It's definitely not light but feels lovely and sturdy to push and you can push one handed - which we couldn't with the M and P. Shopping basket isn't huge but if we're doing lots of shopping I tend to take the car. Straps aren't v long but at nearly 8 months Freddie still fits in without a problem.
    Have recently bought a stroller as needed lightweight for holidays but for everyday use I'll definitely still be using the Loola Up.

  • I have a loola up and we love it. It is fab with the car seat on.
    It can be a bit heavy with the normal seat bit on but I am only small and I can easily lift it in and out of the boot. Folding it up if the seat is facing you can be a pain but when the seat faces away it is nice and easy to fold and does not take up much space in the boot!
    Love love love it!!
  • Just to show you the difference in weight - the loola with seat is new pram is 7kgs - for me it made a huge difference. My boy is tall on 98% centile so maybe this is why the straps were such a problem from so early.

    Pram shopping is a minefield - good luck xxx
  • i have the loola and so far have only used it with the carrycot but i love it its not the lightest but i prefer somthing a bit weighty im also always getting complimented on it to
  • Thanks for all your comments ladies, soo confusing trying to find one that is suitable!
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