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Worst week ever to have a newborn!

Hello mummies
Just looking at the weather forcast for next week and its going to be boiling! I live in Thame in the south east so the hottest part of the country. Its going to be near 30 degrees all week next week. What on earth do you do with a newborn and a 10 month old in that weather??
What do I dress her in? Vest, long sleeved vest, baby grow???!
Its just too hot to enjoy the weather, 24 is pleasent but 30 degrees is just horrible!


  • Poor you!

    When it was really hot last time, Daisy literally spent the days in just her nappy! She's a hot little thing at the best of times anyway so I just made sure all the windows were open from very early on, with the curtains closed when the sun was on the rooms and sometimes she just lay on a towel on the floor with me lying next to her!!!

    Good luck, hope she's OK.

    C xxx
  • I agree with Zoey. When Gabe was born last yr it was BOILING similar to what it is now (in May too!). And I put him in just a vest cos it was so hot & humid, anyway, he turned bluey grey and went v limp, midwife was worried about him, she said they still need layers even in heat. I think Gabe was in a babygro/light clothes even when it was hot. As for Theo I think less is more sometimes, Gabe's 13 months now & he only wears a loose t-shirt and shorts in this weather. I would be wary using suncream on a newborn even though I used it on Gabe from 5 weeks I think, best to keep her inside anyway or in shade.
  • Hi hun, hope all is going well, I am in the south east too and at 34 weeks pregnant with 1 year old I am dreading next week!!!

    Mason was born this time last year and my health visitor and midwife both told me it was absolutly fine to leave him in just a nappy. I'm sure for the first week of his life he hardly wore clothes!!!
    x x x
  • Just brought two buggy fans from ebay.
    Only thing thats worrying me is my double buggy is black, thats going to attract the sun isnt it? Should I line it with something white? Also my sling is black, is it ok to use?
  • Hi Carly I feel same, Max is a week old today and I'm so unsure of what to have him wearing!!! He is in a vest at the mo but no idea what to dress him in tonight?? X
  • Girls, just wanted to say that when Daisy was only in her nappy, she was in a darkened room!!! I didn't take her out in just her nappy - didn't want you to think I was a crap Mummy!!!!

    C xxxx
  • Sorry to jump on what Queen Bee said but if your going out for a few hours you could always put a pack of wipes in the fridge the night before my two love them cold, and the pack tends to stay cool for a while.
    X x

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  • Really feel for you and for any heavily pg ladies. It's getting horribly humid now.

    I agree not to go out unless absolutely necessary and to stay indoors or in shade where possible. And cotton layers as well, checking lo regularly to see if too hot/cold.

    Our garden is soooo hot and there's not much shade but Charlotte likes to go outside now so I'm finding it hard keeping her in the shade. I slap loads of kids f50 on and put a hat on her. She has a tan but is not burnt at all. I only tend to let her out after 3pm too (that sounds awful)!!

    I bet we'll be due for some cracking thunderstorms soon!
  • I probably sound like a mean mummy but I keep a bottle of water to mist them with and I keep misting them through out the day. I think multiple cool baths, and lots of fluids. Its so hard with newborns. We had a long drive we had to make with dd1 at 10 days old in boiling hot weather and our car didn't have a/c so we wrapped ice packs in muslins and put two ice packs either side in her car seat and kept putting a wet muslin over her. We just kept re wetting the muslin with cold water. Poor girl probably thought her parents were treating her like a salad. I kept her in a nappy and a very thin vest.

  • Is that magicool safe to use? I was thinking more for Theo than Lily.
    Lily was weighed today and has dropped to 5lb 12oz, MW said that was fine but she really doesnt have any fat on her at all so I'd imagine she'd struggle to keep warm? I've got her in a very loose cotton babygrow tonight and covered with a muslin.
    How do I tell if she's hot or cold? At the moment her skin feels warm but not hot or sweaty,
  • Hi

    as a mum who has given birth to 3 kids in the middle east where it reaches well into the 50's I can give some advice!!!

    Basically if you need to get out then do it early morning or early evening. Try to stay in and stay cool during 11 to 4.

    Joseph (5) was born in 2004 and in April. Here it was already hitting 40 most days. I just kept him indoor with the aircon on (obviosly we have air con out here ) with just a vest on. If we went out he would wear a vest and a light sheet over him. On a night he would be in a vest and socks and a light sheet only. Its hard as they cant tell you if they are hot or cold. Feel the backs of necks and their tummies rather than their hands or face.

    could you buy a air con unit or lots of fans to have around the house??? Keep curtains drawn in bedrooms or buy some black out blinds to keep rooms cool. Offer a little cooled water at times and make sure your others drink loads too. And you!!

    Other than that, just keep them out the sun, even indirect sun can bounce off walls and burn them. Go to the library and get lots of books or dvd's from the dvd store or anything that will help staying in with lo's be easier to cope with.

  • Having only had a winter babyI'm not used to dressing him for summer either. He's still in a vest as well as a t shirt every day !!
    Probably best to stay in lots but would think pram and fans will be fine.S x
  • I would try and avoid going out at all if possible and when your in keep them in just a nappy with a fan on maybe, when ive been out with leo and its on, i just put a thin layer of clothes on him to cover him up a bit. hope you are all ok image xx
  • Hi Carly,
    Im in Kent and my daughter was born in first week inmay...really warm.
    I live in an old house....nice an cool down stairs...baking stairs!

    We invested in an air con and we wished we brought two now. We have windows open, curtains closed. At night last year i remember having air con on as it was 26-28 in late eve. By 2am it was struggling to stay as low as 24! Worth investing in one if your house particularly bedrooms trap the heat in.

    I avoid taking my lo outside between 11-3pm. If we are outside for lunch etc then i now put her in a light weight dress, hat and suncream. Also brought a pop up paddling pool from elc. I use it as a ball pool /diddy play play as it keeps her in the shade in the garden.
    If I had to go down town or something. I would have lo when baby in her carseat on pushchair, where the carseat cover and pushchair didnt meet, I covered the gap with a muslin to ensure she was in shade.

    top of back/chest to check temp. Every child is different when it comes to feeling the heat. At night, our lo used to sleep in nappy and 1tog sleeping bag so nothing was too tight on her. When it was 24+ at night she was often in just a nappy, or nappy and vest or nappy and romper.

    Sometimes you will find it is actually cooler indoors than outside. Just remember if you have to travel outside between 11-3pm, make sure your children have had a drink before you leave to quence thirst, are ok temp wise, are in the shade. Apply suncream. Take spare drink with you. Dont forget suncream and water for you too!

    Totally agree with Dee Dee...nice to have advice from someone who lives in a country with warm weather. xxx
  • luca was born june last year n it was sooo hot whilst indoors he was just in a nappy and laid on my chest (mw said it would help with keeping his temperature stable) we didnt venture out much as i was soo sick but when we did i used a buggy fan and pegged a white tea towel to the hood of pram that dangled down n protected his face from the sun. make sure you keep hydrated as well as lil uns remember your no good to babies if your passed out through heat stroke!!! xxxxxxxxxxxx
  • How much hotter can it get!!
    I met 2 friends for coffee this morning but made sure we were home by 11am. Lily was in a pram and I had the hood covered with a muslin so she was in the shade the whole time.
    How do you tell if she's hot or cold?? At the moment she's just in a vest and her skin on the back of her neck feels warm. Can babies sweat??
  • I don't think really young babies can sweat as they can't control their temp. If the back of her neck or tummy feel warm then she should be warm but keep an eye on her as she could get cold quite easily.

    My sister's friend had her baby 2 years ago when it was very hot and she had to put her in a cardi as when just in a vest she was going blue!
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