Please help - Don't know what to do. :'(

JJ is three months old today. He has always been quite a fussy eater - at least that's all I thought that it was. However over the past few weeks feeding has become a nightmare. I literally DREAD each feed. He takes maybe an oz, two at a push and then arches his back and starts screaming, like he's being murdered. I try and wind him, which is nearly impossible as he is so hard to wind. I then try again but the same thing happens. He is taking about 3oz in a feed and then vomiting most of it back up again within about an hour. He sleeps from around 8pm to 5am so he tends to cluster feed in the morning. I'm at the end of my tether and I am worried that he's not getting enough food, however his weight gain is quite good. The worst times of the day are between 3pm and 7pm. Does anyone have any suggestions?

A really fed up, G.x :\(


  • Hi hun.
    My little boy Theo got like this at about 4 months and really hated feeding. I tried everything, winding him, infacol, different bottles and teats and nothing worked. He eventually just grew out of it when I weaned him. It sounds like your lo is suffering from reflux so see your GP, he may be able to give you something to help.
  • Hey I think it does sound like reflux.
    Riley is quite similar where he'll only take a few oz then will refuse to take more. The only way I can get him to take more is by feeding him to sleep. I think he's teething as well which doesn't help. In fact he only had an oz at his last bottle 2hrs ago!
    His weight was beginning to drop a little so because of this I started to wean him a couple weeks ago.
    Like carleybarleyx says go see your gp x
  • sounds a lot like my lo was.

    Just wondered has he got any spots or dry skin?? as it so could possibly be a milk allergy, my lo used to scream as if he was being murdred. i used to dread feeds as it was so upsetting, got to the point that i went to the doctors and refused to eav until he did something!! was refered to hospital and lo was diagnosed with a milk allergy, first feed on prescribed milk and he was a changed boy.

    if he has no signs of allergy i would def say reflux
  • Have you tried using infracol or colief? I know he is a bit old for Colic, but it does sound like it could be that.

    I would def speak to your HV about it though hun.

  • I'd also say it sounds just like reflux. It's how Daisy-Mae's started and just got worse and worse. Some days, she'd close her lips so tightly when I put the bottle near her and would only take a couple of oz in a whole day!

    A trip to the GP and a prescription of Gaviscon did the trick beautifully!

    Hope you get it sorted hun..

    C xx
  • Reading this it sounds very much like my little gril was at 2 months old. She was diagnosed with reflux which is basically baby heartburn. SHE WOULD ONLY FEED LITTLE AND OFTEN, and vomited frequently.
    Acid comes back up from their stomach because the valve at the top of the tummy isn't mature enough to close properly yet, therefore milk comes back up along with stomach acid, and it burns their throat : (

    Def go see your GP, normally the HV's are very poor at this sort of thing, in my experience anyway! They may prescribe Infant Gaviscon to start with if they think it is reflux.
    If it is reflux it can be difficult to settle, it took us a couple of months and 4 different meds to get SKye's under control. I hope you can get to the bottom of the problem sooner x
  • yep see GP sounds very likely to be reflux!
  • I went to The GP and she said that it was probably Colic and to try colic drops and to keep him upright for half an hour after a feed. I do think it's more than colic though as my 17 month old was quite a colicky baby - however not to the extent that JJ is being at the moment. I will try again at the GP and see if they can do some tests - it's becoming so stressful for us both at the minute. image

  • definately sounds like reflux, but make sure you get him checked out by the dr and if they try and dismiss it keep persisting, dd was exactly the same from the time she was born, even after weaning every feed was an effort, and everything would come back up. My drs and health visitors at the time wouldn't recognize there was a problem until i moved areas back to my childhood drs, she was referred to a paediatrition (sp?) at 3 - yes 3 and diagnosed then, unfortunately it now means that because she wasn't treated as a baby she will always have problems, so don't ignore it, get it checked out, it's not healthy that you're getting stressed over meal times, it should be time together that you can relax, enjoy and bond.
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