grumpy lil girl :\? (and i'm feeling guilty)

Erin has been grumpy since she has been ill well over a week ago its horrible she is usually so happy. She is nearly 11moths old and STILL has no teeth!! but you can feel them at the bottom and now when i put bongela on her top gum she screams!! I feel really bad for her but also feel guilty because she is really annoying me keep crying/wingeing(sp) and so clingy which was cute at first but now that can be annoying especially when I can't even pee without her wanting to be picked up!!

I'm not a bad mum honest i love her so much this is the first time she has annoyed me (feel bad for saying this) and i am enjoying her wanting cuddles but when you need to get stuff done its so hard!

Do u think she is getting all her teeth at once??


  • Hi hon,

    Don't feel bad about being annoyed, you're only human, it doesn't mean you love your little girl any less.

    I put almost everything down to teething! I hope you get some peace and normality back soon and you can get back to enjoying your lo again...

    Take a deep breath and keep
  • aw, evie has been the same hun, she is 9m and no teeth yet, i know how u feel, evie gets irate i f turn my back for a min! its imposible to get anything done (put her in sling while i got hoovering done) and dinners have been anything that goes in 1 pot and requires little attention.
    i hope ur lo gives u a bit of peace soon hun. xx
  • Thanks lovely people you made me feel better i know you can't help being annoyed but it does make you feel guilty when its with your lo. She seems much better this morning and has ate 2 pieces of toast woo hoo!! and 5 oz of milk!!
  • Gabe's nearly 9 months and has 4 teeth (never had much trouble with them really) but he has had endless colds and infections and has another chest infection now! I hate to say it but sometimes when he's ill he does my head in as he cries nonstop and I mean non stop, no one sleeps and it's generally POO so I can feel your pain.

    Don't feel bad, we're all annoyed by our Lo's sometimes. I think what annoys me most is the whining he does when I go in and out of the room he's in!!!
  • Since Braedons asthma attack 2 weeks ago, he's been doing my head in, bless him! Sooo whingey, wont let me do anything and was refusing to eat and then cut a tooth, now has a cold...aaarrrghhh! Know where u are coming from hon feel awful but have had days where my hubby walks in from work and i just handed Braedon over and said i had had enough for one day so oh can do bath and bed. how terrible of me!!! but i think we all have days (or weeks!!!) like this, my boy is slowly getting back to normal but its been tough.
    Hope you lo gets back to normal soon and returns to happy self. dont feel guity in the meantime babes xxxx
  • Yes I do think she could be getting some teeth all at once. When my lo, Charlotte, was 10-11 months old she had 5 teeth come through within a few weeks and she was just like you say your lo is. In fact the remaining top tooth that didn't come thru is just starting to push thru now (she's just over 1 now) and she's been whingy and clingy the last couple of days. I know exactly how you feel. The first hour of whinging etc is fine but the next 5 hours can be a little toe curling!!! Don't worry - you are not alone xxx
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