Weaning equipment

Hi ladies

Do you need to steralise weaning equipment (bowls, sppons etc) at 6 months? What about the storage pots for purees?

Thanks, NN xxx


  • Nope, I was told not to do anything other than bottles as it is the bacteria in milk that is the problem. We did spoons until they were 6 months (just under a month) then hv said it isnt needed. HTH

    Gemma, Ryan and Alfie 8.5 months
  • I was told at six months not to bother, but think I will still do her spoons xx
  • Oooh I didn't know this - good to know! x
  • I've literally just this last wk stopped doing Charlie's spoons (he was 8months yesterday!) We worked on the basis that the sterilizer was going on anyway so might as well shove them in!!! But as the others have said, from 6months I think a hot hand wash or run through the dishwasher is enough.

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