Night time sleeping question

Hi everyone,

Just wanted a bit of advice really. Oliver is 7 weeks old tomorrow and I am now ff him after initially bf. Anyway he has 5/6oz milk during the day about every 4 hours. He has his last bottle around 9/10pm. I give him a massage and he drops off into a lovely deep and peaceful sleep! He will then go 4/5 hours before his next feed. I feed him without the lights on, wind him and he usually goes back to sleep quite quickly again. However, when I put him back down again after this middle of the night feed he doesn't really settle, he moans, groans, grunts, snuffles, wakes and then drifts in and out of a light sleep and seems to just doze all the way to his next feed 4 hours later. All of this means that I just doze as well 'cause of course I wake with every noise he makes, or to contstantly put his dummy back in.

I know I'm lucky in that he only usually wakes once and he's not constanly crying. Just wondered if anyone had any idea as to why he doesn't go back into a deep sleep like he does after his evening feed.

Thanks in advance,

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