When should baby not be on mush anymore?!

Sam is 10 months and although he eats lots of different finger food with each meal, his main intake is mashed (not pureed anymore) food spoonfed to him by me. I am happy with this - but wondered when most babies are completely off mush and eat 'normal' meals. Is it by 1? Or is Sam already a bit behind?


  • I think it's ok to still be on mush, but lumpy rather than smooth mush. I can't help feeling it's a case of each baby to their own. Some things are hard to eat off a spoon.

    K xx
  • try this but it isnt exact, probably because each baby is different. http://www.nhs.uk/Conditions/Babies-weaning/Pages/Introduction.aspx
    gina ford gives a detailed what to give week by week which you could use as a guide.
  • Luke eats what I eat and I just cut it up into little bits and mix all up in his bowl and he helps himself with his hands of course, he loves his food eats anything- the opposite to me with I was younger I wouldn't eat a thing!
  • I would say to move on from mush as soon as you can. We've followed the baby-led route like Rebecca and our ds has had full solids from 6 months. Your ds will probably surprise you with how capable he is! Good luck x
  • According to the NHS website it's around 12 months. I'm not in any hurry to get him on full solids - I am just taking his lead. He is a great eater so don't want to rush him too much. Everytime I've worried about him not doing something he's done it a week later anyway! Also, I'm sure all babies get there when they're ready - I haven't yet met an adult who only eats puree!
    Thanks for your replies x

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  • I think as he eats plenty of finger foods coco your alright to go as you are like you say the food is mashed not pureed so i wouldn't worry xxx the big issue is with kids who only eat mush and nothing else so your well covered lol xx
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