calpol night

my ol is full of a cold and is all bunged up which is keeping him awake at night.i have bought some calpol night it say on the bottle form 3 months that it aids restfull sleep for pain fevers and colds. has any used it what did you think . not sure if i should give it to him as am not to sure if its safe


  • hey,

    I havn't tried but it should e safe as long as you stick to the dosage - also, ave you tried saline drops? I've used ones called Nasosol - they help to unblock thier nose and are suitable from birth.
  • hi hun I'm having the same problem, my lo is so poorly, he won't stop screaming due to a bad cough/cold and teething (bottom 2 are coming through, he's 7 months nxt week). Have took him to the doctors who has given him a linctus cough medicine and been to the chemist for some Medised (3 months + - similar to calpol night I think - helps them sleep & unblocks noses & helps pain etc) and they are safe to use together. The chemist said to give it at night but not in the day as lo will just sleep all day...I'm going to give him some before bed REALLY hope it works cos I can't sleep on the sofa and doze while I push his pram (which is what happened last night) or carry him round in a sling all night as these are the only ways he'll settle x
  • just be careful with the nose drops cuz they dry their nose out and it made JJs nose bleed, was awful! x
  • thanks for your replys am going to give it a go tonight
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