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Milk Feed at 8 Months

Hi all

Toby is 8 months on 5th Jan (eeeeeeeeeeek that means I go back to work!!!)

He is barely taking more than 1-2ozs at his 3pm milk feed at the moment and on the odd day we have forgotten it (I know bad Mummy for enjoying Christmas LOL!!!) he TOTALLY didn't notice and even ate more of his tea at 5pm.

Do you think its ok to drop this feed?


(I kinda miss the days when all he wanted was milk!!!)


  • My girls are 8 months on 7th Jan and we've dropped this feed. I now offer them a snack and 3oz of milk in their sippy cup. They very often only take an oz but I figured than an oz of milk is better than an oz of water or juice. They're not bothered about it at all and TBH, when we are out and about, I sometimes just give them a snack and water as it's easier

  • Oh joo most definatly, jack has dropped this feed too and only has the morning and bedtime bottles now! He does have a few (i mean very few) sips of water at meal times!

  • Wish I could drop the bottle, but we finally got rid of the 10am one, but he is now draining the complete 7oz at 2.30. He does not wait till 3 anymore either. And in the meantime he is eating more as well. He kinda needs it though, he needs a bit more weight gain, so will let him have it for a while longer.
  • Definitely! If he really wants it still he will let you know! Ella is down to only a morning and evening bottle now as she has refused the 2pm for 5 days so Ieft it today and gave her banana instead which she ate!
  • Abby only has 1 bottle a day now - at bedtime. I replaced her morning bottle with porridge and milk in a sippy cup, and introduced a snack (usually milk and rice cakes/breadsticks) just before her morning nap. I replaced her 3pm bottle with milk in a sippy cup (and a rusk or biscotti usually) when she was 6 months.
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