do many people use dummies with newborns? if so which ones do you use?


  • My son has a dummie. He has Avent and the ones from birth!!! He has had one since he was newborn.

  • thanks. do they go up in ages?
  • great. thanks. ive heard the tommee tippee ones have a good shaped teat (sp?)
  • Yeah they do honey. Avent have got some 0-3, 3-6, 6+

  • Zacky had dummies from when we got home from hospital as he had already started to comfort suck on the bottle teats at night. I still keep a selection handy for him, for nap tme, bed time and when he just feels upset (he chews them now he is teething as well). We have Avent, Tommee Tippee (took a while to get to grips with CTN air ones but now loves them) and ASDA own brand. They vary in size between newborn, 0-3 mths, 3-6 mths and 6-18 mths. He gets the first one fished out cupboard and will happily chew on any of them. He hasnt asked for one yet today but is happily chewing away on a pack of wipes now so gotta go and give him something else to chew on.
  • I got desperate one night when brooke was about a week old, she wouldnt settle so i sent oh 2 the all night garage 2 get a dummy, they only had this huge white thing with a massive teat! Have tried her with all sorts of others n she'll only have the giant white one that was 45p! Heaven help us if we ever lose it! X
  • archie has phillips/avent ones (make sure they are cherry teats) most companies will do newborn ones, i think i got mine from mothercare, i started givin him one cuz he was comforting on his teat rather than drinkin his milk through the night, he only has it b4 his milk if hes stressin, and after his milk until he drops off
  • We gave Evie a mam one that is 0-2months its so tiny and she loves it, we've now got all mam ones xxxx
  • We gave Charlie a dummy when he was new born, I was in intencive care and he had to go with tubes down his nose and have X-Rays on his tummy and I wanted him to have some comfort cause I was to poorly to even hold him. We use the advent 0-3 and even tho he is nearly 6 months i'm not going to go up in age think it's better if they are smaller on a developing mouth..

    having said that, he gets me up 4/6 times a night for a dummie re-plug perhaps they are too small for him to hold onto! lol i've just had a light bulb moment!!
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