feed or bath first?

we've decided to bath evie at night before bed time so she gets into a 'bed time' routine.
whats the best way to do it tho? bath her then feed her or feed her then bath her?
just wondering what everyone else does?



  • Hiya, everyone finds a way that suits them and their baby best, but for me I bath Calum, give him a massage and rub lotion in, let him have 10 mins naked kick time, dress him and them give him his night feed. Calum tends to fall asleep during his feed so for me it made no sense to give him a bath after - plus he used to sick up a lot which would have made it a nightmare! I think so long as you do the same thing everyday so it becomes a routine then you should be fine! image xx
  • Just out of interest do your lo's have set feed times? this is the only problem i have with Charlie's bed routine as he goes up between 7 - 8pm but his feeds are not always due at this time - it kind of depends what ones he wakes up for in the night as to when he will want them during the day if that makes sense. I tend to settle him with a dummy if he is not due a bottle - any suggestions? As it would be lovely to do bath, pj's, bottle and bed.xx
  • Hi there

    My sister has two kids, 3 and 1 yrs... she bathes them first and use the Johnson's lavendar night-time wash etc. then settles them in 'jamas and then they have their milk and books!

  • I do bath then bottle. I would love to have a massage or naked time but he keeps really unsettled when I'm dryingbhim after bath. I think it's cos he knows bottle is next and he wants me to hurry it along.
    As for routine and what if he's not due a feed, well most of the time he is due there ir thereabouts, but unless it is only an hr since last feed then I tend to give him some milk anyway. I read in a book, think it was baby whisperer, that if you feed them every 2hrs before bed it tanks them up nad they sleep better. So I've never worried about last 2 feeds of the day being close together. If he doesn't want it he won't take it and just takes what he needs and goes to bed full. Rarely wakes before 4 or 5 (well he used to !! ) S x
  • I always feed directly before bed - she falls asleep as soon as she comes off the boob so I transfer her to the cot asleep. Not necessarily what's recommended but it works fine for me.
  • I'd say bath first - Incase the bath makes her a lil sick xx xx
  • Definitely bath first as it's not good to mess them about with nappy changes or baths after a feed, imo, unless they've pooed obviously! My baby had/has reflux though so it was a bit different for us.

    Gabe's bedtime routine is...
    6pm - play for a bit on the floor while I cook tea
    6.30pm - top n tail in the bedroom and into sleepsuit
    6.45pm - back into living room for story and teeth brushed. Then a bottle and bed for 7
  • I used to do the same as PTB. Bath then bf and he'd fall asleep on the boob then go to bed.... when he moved onto cows milk he'd do the same except go to bed awake.
    Lately we've been offering him his milk before his bath and he likes it that way now, so we've made the transition gradually over time and had no problems.

    If they're not ready for a feed they wont take one, but you can offer them one anyway. It might help them to sleep for longer through the night, it might not....

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