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Oh no!

Little one has got an awful nappy rash and we're suppost to be going swimming on Tuesday! Will it hurt him more?? Its a pretty bad 1:\( its hurting him bad I can tell. I've had 2 new creams from the GP but its all open and soo bad! I hate that I couldnt save him from it before it got so bad.:x Plz give any tips to make us all happy bunnys again :\(


  • Have you tried the johnsons babe nappy cream, i have found this to be the best one and have used it will all three of mine now x
  • the best thing that worked for us was lots of nappy free time, reusable nappies and not using huggies or pampers... both seemed to react with my lo's skin.

    how is he in the bath? i would imagine swimming could be sore.

    hope he gets better.
  • If he has open sores then I would suggest not taking him swimming as risk of infection and the chlorne chould stink. But I have taken my lo swimming (she didn't have open sores) and it helped clear it up. I took a guess at it being the chlorine.

    Kerry, Freya and Pink Bump
    X X X
  • I think that swimming could iritate it so might be best avoided.
    Also like EMDT said try avoiding Pampers (havent used Huggies so cant say for them). We use an own brand but Nathans nursery use Pampers and we had to ask them to stop as he always comes out in a rash around his belly after being there, really wierd.
    Hope it clears up soon.

  • I think it would be best not to take your lo swimming, esp if the skin is broken. The chlorine in the water will irritate it more.
    You don't say what cream you have been using. I've used Metanium on my lo and that has helped her but she has never had broken skin ( and not sure if you can apply this to broken skin).
    I would recommend only using warm water & cotton wool when changing nappy and best of all plenty of nappy free time.
  • You can use Metanium on broken skin but because its a barrier cream if the sores are weeping or wet it won't cover so apply a small amount direct to the nappy rather then the skin. We used to use this on bed sores and nappy rash in hospital, its fab stuff!! Only warning if too much is applied it can dry the skin out.

    Kerry, Freya and Pink Bump
    X X X
  • Hey,

    not sure about the swimming, I think that it is not advised to go swimming with open pores but to be honest I dont know how well a swim nappy would cover it up?

    as for helping the nappy rash to clear up, lots of nappy time will really help. How old is your lo? If they'll stay in one place if you put them on the floor I would let them lay on a towel on a change mat for as long as poss as often as poss.

    Also, make sure you clean it will water and cotton wool and pat gently dry before applying the creams you've been given.

  • The HV prescribed Timodine for Darcy which seems to be the only thing that got rid of the rash. All other creams seem to give her a rash! We have been slowly working our way through them to find an everyday cream we can use as Timodine isn't to be used long term
  • THANK U! Ok swimming off til nxt wk then.
  • my little one has very sensitive skin. I use sudocrem with every change because other creams dnt work and I've tried them all. I'm using cotton woll balls and water now aswel. Can I say your all incredibly helpful unlike my mother... stay tuned for my next post on that!
  • My Tyler has sensitive skin too and the other week had rally bad nappy rash (he dosnt always cry when hes pooped and must have done it in the night) I swear by sudocrem but after 24 hours it wasnt making any difference and the rash got sooo bad the skin split and it started to bleed a lil. I used metanium and within 48 hours it was practically gone - its fab stuff!

    I would give it a go then maybe by Tuesday it wouldve healed enough for swimming.

    Poor lil man, its awful when theyre bad like that isnt it? Hope hes ok soon hun xx
  • Hiya i use that metanium stuff its great, my SIL used egg white thats really good too, and cheap if you buy eggs like!
  • I know this is an old post but sometimes I just can't keep my gob shut :) I swear by mama nature's tiny troubles healing salve - not literally, metaphorically. I used this to heal bleeding and blistering nappy rash on my little boy and as an every day nappy rash cream to prevent his rash from returning. Magic stuff but be prepared to dig into your pocket. It does seem to last forever though - that's because it's magic :)
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