Advice needed asap pls :\?....UPDATE

End of last month, I sent my resignation letter and havent heard anything read....
After careful consideration, I am writing to inform you of my intention to resign from the post of ____ on ______ without returning from maternity leave.
I thoroughly enjoy ___, however, as a new mother I feel it is best for my family and for me, to stay at home and devote my time to my daughter.

It would be much appreciated if you could arrange my final pay including any outstanding holiday pay along with my p60 and wageslip for when i leave

Im guessing my boss has recievd the letter as she hasnt got back to me and only asked me once (end nov/begin dec) if/when I would be returning to work. Surely if she hadnt recieved the letter she would have phoned to give me my off duty etc. Its over two weeks ago since it was sent. Im about to type up a letter saying did you recieve my resignation letter, if not please find it attached. I will then send it recorded delivery.

Am I right to be doing this. If not what should I be doing. What would you do. My boss is ok, but im one of those people who is terrified of letting people down etc as not sure of their reaction. I got the job then found out i was pregnant. It took two month (rubbish HR) before I commenced work. Then four months later I left as lo decided to arrive a month early. Also going to ring up HR and gt them to tell me what im owed hol wise.

My mat leave runs out 4th Feb, fortnight tomorrow. Advice needed please. ......... :\?

well I phoned work and manager is not in until tomorrow pm.
Phoned HR and they were like you need to liaise with your manager. Well that's not exactly helpful, if they dont respond to my letters! Going to ring ACAS just to clarify where I stand with all this.

How long did it take, for your managers to respond to a resignation letter?

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  • The only thing I can suggest is to ring ACAS as they will be able to tell you what you are entitled holiday wise and stuff - they are really good and helpful

    hope you get it sorted
  • Flippin' heck hope you get sorted. Think the sending again by recorded delivery is a really good idea.x
  • yes ring ACAS babe employment law is a minefield they will be able to tell you exactly what you should and they should be doing
  • Thanks for your replies ladies.
    Going to send it recorded tomorrow, ring HR and ring my boss if shes around and see what happens.
    Then Il get in contact with ACAS. didnt really think whether these people existed or not! Thanks ladies image
    Il let you know if things actually progress tomorrow!! xxx
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