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Hi Girls

As per my previous post about finger foods you will see that my little one wasnt weaned until later (6months)

He's 9 months now and this is what he eats:

Morning : Baby cereal / or porridge big bowl with usually 6 oz of milk

Lunch - Water and Mash pototaos with broccolli or turnip or carrots big bowl then a jar of rice pudding or some banana or peaches or pears mashed up.

3ish an 8 oz bottle

5ish - dinner, again some mash potato with veg, that has been pureed, then a jar of pudding or some fruit and water

8/9 - 8 oz bottle

Does this sound like enough im always worried im not giving him enough because i wenaed him later he doesnt snack on finger foods etc which worries me

Thank you

Last time he was wieghed he was 21lbs so i think this is an ok weight, as ive said before my health visitors are sh*t I was never told about the centile charts etc so im pretty ebaressed to say i dont have a clue how they work so can't even revert to this to check my little ones growth or wieght gain! please dont laugh image
Lyns xx


  • sounds fine.

    this weaning business is so hard.

    jessica is 7 months and has:

    8.30-9am : baby cereal with weetabix mixed in and 5-6oz.

    12-1pm: pureed veg and pureed fruit and 5-6oz

    3pm: yougurt

    5pm: pureed veg and 3-4oz

    7.15pm: 6oz

    ive started to give her bits of banana but most of it ends up squished!!!

  • That sounds good, my LO is coming up for 9 months and has about the same, but with a snack as well as she'll only have 2 bottles in the day. One thing though - is he having protein like meat or pulses with one of his meals? Just to make sure he's getting enough protein and iron in his diet...

    Also, have you tried adding any lumps into his food? We found baby pasta was really good to get Rachel used to lumps as it goes down easily, and now I don't tend to puree her food at all, just make sure the lumps are no bigger than 1cm cubes and she can handle that. Each baby goes at their own pace, of course.

    Hannah xx
  • Charlie is the same age and this is what he eats

    7.45am baby cerial/poradge plus 8oz milk

    10am a few slices of apple, mango, banana any fruit really he loves saltans strawberries and grapes. he might also have a biscotti biscuit as well

    12pm Slice of toast cut into soliders, a fruit pot, a yougart and an 8oz bottle of milk

    3.30pm dinner mashed potato or pasta with veg meat and gravy or sauce mixed in at the moment his fav is beef stew with mashed potatos.
    plus a 7oz bottle

    5pm if hungry biscotti or some fruit

    5.30pm bed time 4oz bottle
  • Hi Girls

    Thank you for letting me see what u's feed your lo's gives me a good idea of the variaty!

    Jodie - Im well jealous does your wee one sleep right through!!! ?

    Hannah - He's not been getting any meat i feel terrible how do i introduce can i blend the chiekcen that ive cooked, what other meats do you use?

    Disco Diva - I give him mashed banana and he looks at me like im crazy as if to say get it blended lol

    Lyns xx
  • Chicken blends up really well - you can do it with things like sweet potato, apple or apricot to get him used to the taste first if you like. Annabel Karmel has some great recipes on her website.

    Don't feel bad, having a baby is such a huge learning curve, especially if you have an unsupportive HV!

    Hannah xx
  • Thanks Hannah!

    Yep tell me about it, its that bad i don't even know my HVs name!! Thank you your a star! i'll give those ingrediants a go!

  • My lo is 9 months and I started weaning her at 6 months. She hated purees and so i tried her on finger foods early on. She can't get enough of finger foods now and she'll eat anything she can get her hands on now!

    For breakfast she has ready brek, porridge or weetabix with banana.

    Lunch is generally finger food eg. little sandwiches (tuna, dairylea,cheese, ham etc), organix snacks, grapes, hard boiled egg followed by a fruit pot or yoghurt. I put these on her tray and she happily feeds herself while the rest of the family eat.

    Tea time she likes cottage pie, bolognaise, meat veg and gravy . If she can eat what we're having she has a mashed/chopped up version which makes mealtimes a lot easier. She has water with all her meals.

    I think she does really well with only 2 teeth! She has two 7oz bottles, one in the morning and one before bed and she has a 5oz bottle mid afternoon.

    I would try your lo on finger foods soon just incase he starts to refuse them or lumpy foods. I really worried about giving lumpy foods but my lo has never gagged or choked. She seemed to skip the purees and hasn't stopped eating since. I think she's nearly 21 lbs, hasn't been weighed in a few weeks and popped her on my scales yesterday. xx
  • Even on purees get yourself a baby recipe book and enjoy. My son was weaned early but eats everything, we've even discovered new ingredients we'd never tried cooking for him.
  • Hi Flirty Filly

    I have just bought anabel karmel 100 purrees so i'll start trying lots of things from that!

    Donk - My little one has 6 teeth 2 top and 4 at the bottom so knowing your little one only has 2 teeth and doiing so well also gives me more peace of mind! I will let you all know ho wi get on i must say though im very nervous!!

    Lyns xx
  • Sounds to me like hes eating great!

    Bethany is almost 7 months and has a similar routine ....

    Breakfast - 6oz bottle and ready break or toast
    Mid morning - 6oz bottle
    Lunch - Good size bowl of veg, pot of pureed fruit or jelly for dessert
    Dinner - Same as lunch
    Bedtime - 8oz bottle of bedtime milk

    Ive recently cut out the afternoon milk as she wasnt that interested in it.

    My HV are rubbish too and i never knew what centile Beth was on but then realised its written down right hand side of growth chart - thats when i realised Beth was way lower than most babies but then she was 4wks prem so that explains it. None of it matters tho as long as hes gaining weight and he seems like a great weight to me!

    Anna xx
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