Sleep?? No Id rather sit awake and smile all day.. lol

DJ been awake all day, with 3 20 min cat naps (and 20mins in car!) hes been giggling and smiling since 7am... now is out for the count, maybe hell sleep through?? lol, maybe thats wishful thinking...

hes had 22oz today so mite well be full up...


  • lol sounds like JJ and he sleeps through most nights so good luck!! hehe x

  • ohh, sounds good to me image
    How much JJ eating now and how much he weigh? Hes 2 days older than DJ I think and DJ was 11lb last week image
  • he's had 30oz today, doesn't usually take less than 25oz in a day...he was 13lb on Friday, my little fatty image hehe x

  • bless dj on about 22-24 but had a fw off days last week on 15-18
    think jj weighed a bit more than dj at birth

  • he's quite long i think, 61cms, i think it must be long cuz people seem shocked when i tell them lol...he'll be growing out of his 0-3 clothes within the next week or 2 if things continue lol x

  • dj getting there too, some of the 0-3 baby grows are impossible to fit him in now..

    tho i think 3-6 may drown him
  • 3-6 months sounds huge when they're not even 2 yet doesn't it? i'd rather cut the feet out of his suits so he can just wear socks instead to make the 0-3 fit :lol: it's only the legs i have problems with, the bodies in them are massive! x

  • dj got a long body, just measured him he is 61cms but yeah the legs are the problem, but i tried on a hoody today thats 0-3 and it got stuck on him, think hed developing a belly like his dads x
  • have you got any mamas and papas clothes? JJ couldn't fit into their 0-3 when he was still in newborn clothes from everywhere else, the legs and arms were TINY! i was so mad cuz i'd taken tags off and washed them but luckily they were a gift, i would have been even more mad if i'd been out and bought them! x

  • nah mainly next and mothercare, whose baby grows come up tiny too
  • he's wearing next size 'up to 3 months' at the moment, mothercare 0-3 vests and sleepsuits are too small but their suits are a little long at the moment, mad how sizes differ so much! x

  • yeah and all the snow suits are too flippin akward..
  • we got a massive sheep wool bag from germany for his pram so he only needs a coat on under it cuz it's soooooooo warm! my nan bought it for him for xmas but gave it to him now cuz obv he'll need it! x

  • ive got him some mini ugg boots and wolly hat and mittens so he only needs coats, ive got 4 snow suits but there such a pain in the a..
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