be pig to twig club :D

ok ladies this is the official thread for all those who are joining in the plan to lose the excess weight we have image ....
ok ladies here we are at week 2!!! .....
if we could all edit our original posts i think to save this post becoming mahoooosive :lol: ..we well I have a long way to go image
so this week i ...

chuffedbaby2(lisa) -lost 2Ib image (not sure how i had a terrible week )
jam donut -lost 3IB image
doublebubble -stayed the same image
suzmch -loss 1.5 pounds image ...
bluevicki -loss 1 Ib image
willowsara -loss 10 IB ..WOW image
saint bertie -loss 4Ib image
lauranoble - stayed the same image
everyone is doing fab so far and jd thats more than half a stone lost for u well done hun and willow sara i think i need to do slimming world then xxx


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  • grh - be ate my reply.

    I was meant to be starting yesterday but tub of ice cream got the better of me and i daren't get weighed - lol.

    Think i may wait until next week when i'll hopefully find some motivation! lol.


    ps - loving the subject name! x
  • one for me then!!!lost half a stone a few weeks back but got lost somewhere lol!wonderful name!when is weighing day?
  • Loving the pig to twig title too!

    Can i join? When is the weigh-in day? Good luck everyone x
  • Can I join? I've lost a STONE in total! Whoooop so happy. I weigh myself 'officially' (though I do it throughout the week too - naughty) on a sunday morning and last week I lost 3lb.

    I can't get the motivation for exercise though, I hate it!!!!!

    I want to lose another stone and a half xxxxxx
  • Shall we make official weigh in day a Wednesday? That way we all have time to make up for naughtiness at the weekends? If we post our results then CB2 can amend her top post with the updates if she doesnt mind doing it on a weekly basis, say on a Wednesday evening? xx
  • haha i love the name!!! hopefully i can join you ladies next month once splodge has arrived image xx
  • yep wednesday s good for me so thats ....TOMORROW .arggghhh ill not be weighing again this week :lol: ...i think ill use boots scales every week so tomorrow ill weigh just to make sure i know what i start off as on them .....and yup i will amend every week ....i love the title too ,jam donut u r genius image xxxxxxxxxxx
  • I'm in. I'll weigh tomorrow morning, so my first (fingers crossed) loss will be the week after.
    I've got my sisters wedding in 2wks and a photoshoot with lo next week so I've got to be super good till then. S x
  • Hahaha thanks hun - not a genius, more like a sick sense of humour :lol: :lol:

    I'll also not be weighing again this week, but i'll start posting my results on a wednesday as of next week x
  • I think i might have to jump on the wii fit now in prep for tomorrow's first weigh-in, eeeeeek! x
  • I'm not posting weight SB, just my rapid weight loss. Ha Ha fat chance ! S x
  • I don't particularly want to post my actual weight! I think just the loss/gain will do, that's what matters - so this week i guess most people won't be posting anything because they're just starting out x
  • can i join please. iv lost a stone in total so far. put on a pund this week, itl be all those woo woos i drank on sat id die if i had to post how much i xxx
  • i'd love to join, never dieted before though
    how are you all doing it? healthy eating and exercise? where do you get recipes from? and how do you know how many calories in everything etc?
    thanks, never needed to diet before having kids but think it's about time i got rid of my baby belly, especially as it's been nearly 3yrs since my last pregnancy!!
  • no we dont have to put our weight in at all ..i might as i find it helps me lose if i admit to myself where i am on the scales but i will see how this week goes .....i havnt been couting calories or points just making changes e.g only drinking water no juice or pop ...not having chocolate snacks ,walking loads ,eating nimble wholemeal bread not white bread ,low fat crisps if i do eat them and then good wholesome meals and if i cant be bothered cooking like tonight i had a light choices lasange ..i was goin to have some garlic bread but oh ate it ALL saying he was helping my diet :roll: swine!! :lol: and were off out to the pics tomorrow (so exited)so will forget the diet tomorrow night image (and solomly regret it next weds!!) xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Mumof2, I am also a diet virgin, I'm using Tesco diets because it was cheaper than weight watchers but it seems really good. You get a daily meal plan that you can change to suit you and loads of the recipies are suitable for the rest of the family.

    I have my first weigh in on Sunday (I'll keep the result secret till wed lol) so I'll find out then if it's working!!
  • ooh this will be fun, I will weigh myself tomorrow so my first proper weigh in will be next wed.
    will have a look at tesco's now too, thanks bedhead
  • Hi, can I join you too. I'm doing slimming world and have lost 1.5 stones so far. I am faltering on motivation a bit though now and need to lose about another stone xx
  • can i join?
    have lost loads of weight since having ellie a year ago image and only put on like 4lbs when expecting but have been a pig lately so would love to get motivated & do something!
    i will weigh myself tomorrow morning so my official weigh in will be next week too
    lauren xox
  • I am in. Only officially starting tomorrow (said that yestersay!!) so will weigh in then. Joined Tesco Diets yesterday for start tomorrow x
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