This may sound strange and obvious but do babies have nightmares? I probably sound like a fool, but its something DS does every now and then since he was around 9 weeks old (he is now 21) where he starts screaming and crying but he is still asleep, if we stroke his face he will go straight back off without waking up? I dont know if it could be something else? He is teething and has already had a tooth come through but its not all the times, thats why i dont think its his teeth.

Any similar stories, or answers - thank you in advance.


  • ds has done this a few times too chick crying in his sleep but no waking i wondered the same - i iimagined him dreaming about being about an inch away from the boob but not quite getting it as i cant imagine anything he could be scared of at 5 months!!!
  • Thats what i mean, there is nothing that i can think of that would scare him, especially at 5 months he is still very dependant on me so im always with him and he never gets upset, its the only time he cries image its not nice. But at the same time if it was his teeth id imagine it would be more often x
  • I swear they do. My now 10 month old twins have done this since they were small. Ryan in particular screams with a blood curdling scream, and I sometimes have to wake him to stop him screaming! Its horrid but as they have done it since they were small and he has only just got his first tooth I figured it was down to nightmares. God knows what they can have nightmares about though!
  • Its horrid to think if it is, cause its not like they can tell us and sleep is where we cant protect them image x
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