Crib or Moses basket??? any advice please.........

Looking for general opinions/experience to help us out...crib or Moses basket for baby due in feb, don't want to get both & will have carrycot from pram for downstairs sleeping..which do you all recommend as having difficulty deciding??


  • We bought a fold up travel Moses Basket by Samsonite with mattress from mothercare
    It was great really portable and meant we could take it to grandparents etc and she could have a familiar bed, also it was a bit bigger than standard moses so she could have the odd kip in it til about 8 weeks old (she's very long!)
    to be honest, I think personally a crib is a bit of a waste of money and would just go straight to big cot, I know you think a wee one looks lost in one, but we had been given a crib as such by a friend, a used one, and it was really no better than the moses and she very quickly (by 7 or 8 weeks) got so annoyed as she couldn't stretch her arms out properly to sleep (I believe this is a common issue) and it wasn't comfy, that we ended up ordering a big cot and putting her back in the Moses until it came - if I was having another baby, I would use my travel Samsonite thing again for daytime naps downstairs, and put them in the big cot straight off. That way there wouldn't be issues with them settling to it either (DD didn't sleep brilliantly for first night in big cot, though actually did well after that). From 7 or 8 weeks on, my DD lost the ability to nap downstairs well, and needed the peace and quiet of her own bed upstairs. I take her out for one nap a day in the sling or carseat/pram so she gets used to a kip on the move but she's just too interested in everything now lol x

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  • if u alreday have something for baby to sleep in downstairs (which is the primary plus point of a moses, that u can move it from room to room during the day) then i would just get a crib, lasts longer, usually until around 6 months (or when beginning to sit) where as moses can be anything from a few weeks to 3-4months (ds was 14weeks when we had to stop using the moses as he was rolling, but still had lots of room in there) x
  • i agree with wow baby........cribs can be used from day one too but offer more longevity, i also could see bubs from bed as the sides were open, saving me getting out to check....lazy ha xxx

    oh and although little son was in his cot by 3 months, i kept the crib in our room, so whlst i was doing things he could be propped up and see me, may of struggled to do it as well wih moses basket x
  • i was lucky to have both but i still think a moses basket is a waste of time if you already have something for baby to sleep in down stairs. lizzie was out of her moses basket by about 6 weeks!!
  • We have a carrycot for downstairs but had to resort to using it upstairs too as she hates her crib!!! Even being swaddled she hates the openess of the crib, probably just my fussy child though xxx
  • i got both second hand and my boy never used either he slept in his little rocker chair for a few months and then went into a cot.
    For babies i like the moses basket as its nice and enclosed and secure as most cribs are open barred if you know what i mean.
  • Hi there, my LO is 6weeks and we bought a crib rather than a moses basket. He's still got loads of room in it length ways, and is quite happy to sleep with his arms outstreched through the bars if he is lying near the edge! Today we visited my brother who has a 4day old - and we put Finley to sleep in their moses basket as he was tired, and he literally took up the whole thing, I was very pleased at that moment that we'd not opted for a moses basket as it just wouldn't have lasted half as long!

  • We just had a Moses basket and never regretted that choice. Toby was a big baby (91st centile for weight and 75th for height) but he was happy in it until about 5 months - we swaddled until then which probably helped. Then he went into his cot.

    As well as being portable a Moses is generally smaller so fits better in a small bedroom. Will definitely just have that for the next LO - I don't see the point of a crib but it looks like I'm bucking the trend, lol!
  • Well, we have always preferred a crib. I don't know, but it makes me feel more secure. Moses has a very short span of use and they wear out quickly. I find a crib more durable and safer. The mattress in a crib supports the baby's back better than a moses basket. Also he can stretch well in the crib. We got one from the online store of aBaby. They have an excellent collection of baby cribs at affordable price range. They also have baby cribs which can be converted to toddler as well as twin beds.
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